Whether you want authentic Italian risotto, Thai curry or Moroccan tagine, you will find award-winning and popular rice and couscous. We have selected products from producers who invest in quality and traditional manufacturing methods. These, in turn, guarantee rice and couscous their authentic flavors and best composition. You will also find organic options from us.

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  • Carnaroli

    Carnaroli rice is often called the king of risotto rice. Its large grains and starch content are perfect for making an authentic Italian-style risotto. With the right preparation method, you can create a deliciously full-bodied and perfectly balanced risotto at home. Get all the ingredients and try it for yourself!

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  • 84407 couscous min

    The French Couscous fin of Le Renard is a fine-grained couscous. It is an authentic traditional couscous made from high quality durum wheat. You make delicious side dishes, tabboules and other dishes from it.

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  • Bomb min

    The Spanish Arroz Brazal bomba rice variety is short-grained and pearly. It absorbs a lot of cooking water during cooking and keeps its shape well. The rice is well suited for paellas, risottos and desserts.
    Cooking time 15 minutes, after which the rice is left to rest for a while. Bomba rice needs more water than normal when cooking.

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  • Maratelli min

    The Spanish Arroz Brazal maratelli rice variety is excellent for paella rice. Its round and pearl-like grains effectively absorb all the flavors of the broth and withstand brewing. In addition to paella, rice is well suited for risottos and dishes prepared in the oven.
    Cooking time 16–17 minutes, after which the rice is left to rest for a while.

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  • Guadiamar min

    The guadiamar rice variety from Spain's Arroz Brazal is perfect for sushi rice. It is grown and processed entirely in Spain. The rice grains of this variety are almost translucent, and their cooking time is short. They also remain loose. Try it in addition to sushi, for example as a side dish.
    Cooking time 11–13 minutes, after which the rice is left to rest for a while.

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