Even the most demanding gourmet chef will surely find the salt they value in DeliDel's selections. We have compiled on the same page e.g. the world’s most prestigious salt flower, the fleur de sel de Guérande, and the Himalayan rose salt. In addition, you will find a wide range of seasoned sea salts from both Greece and Brittany. Salts packed in convenient mills, on the other hand, make cooking even easier.

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  • salt flower 125g


    Salt flower is a real gourmet finger salt that is collected in a delicate collection process from the surface of a salt basin. After drying, the cauliflower is no longer treated in any way. The salt flower produced in the Guérande region, “fleur de sel de Guérande” is considered to be the most prestigious salt flower in the world. Its special taste and texture bring out the best in any dish. It is also an ideal last touch to crown a meat dish, salad or goose liver, for example.

  • gray sea salt coarse min


    Le Paludier de Guérande’s coarse, unrefined gray sea salt, “sel de Guérande” is made from Atlantic sea salt collected from the village of Guérande. Naturally, gray and additive-free sea salt meets the requirements for IGP certification for local products. Try it, for example, in engraving or vegetable cooking water!

  • gray sea salt


    Le Paludier de Guérande’s fine, unrefined gray sea salt, “sel de Guérande” is made from coarse Atlantic sea salt collected from the village of Guérande. Naturally, gray and additive-free ground sea salt meets the requirements for IGP certification for local products and is an ideal supplement for all foods. It is also great as table salt.

  • truffle salt 50g 1


    Coarse truffle salt is a luxurious finger salt that you use to finish meat dishes, pastas and omelettes, for example. The seasoned salt of Maison Pébenyre, a French company specializing in truffles, contains authentic summer truffles, one of the most prestigious truffle varieties in Europe. Try it and fall in love!

  • Greek sea salt pack 4 best spice and herb salt 4x80g


    When you want to try the best of the herbal salts of the Greek Salt Odyssey or surprise your Gourmet friend, order a pack with four different flavors. The salts have won several industry awards and use only the purest and highest quality ingredients. No iodine has been added to the sea salt used in the mixtures.

  • greek sea salt and cretan herbs 150g


    The world's most popular gourmet salt. To the salad. for grilling. fish… from Guerand

  • sea salt from messolonghi 190g


    Messolonghi sea salt is a well-known product among gourmets. Salt is known for its purity and genuine taste. Salt Odyssey's Messolongh sea salt is packaged in a stylish and durable grinder that makes it easy to season food like no other

  • Messolonghi sea salt with Valerian herbs 160g


    Messolonghi sea salt, seasoned with Mediterranean herbs from Salt Odyssey in Greece, is a spiced salt in a mill that has won several industry awards. Try grinding it on top of fresh tomatoes, Greek salad, grilled meat, poultry or fish. Flavored salt is also great for both fish and meat marinades.

  • Messolonghi sea salt with lemon and turmeric 190g


    Messolonghi sea salt, flavored with lemon and turmeric from the Greek Salt Odyssey, is a seasoned salt in the mill that has been awarded the gold medal in the industry. Try seasoning salads, soups, cooked vegetables and rice. It also creates unique taste experiences when used in oven-baked and roasted foods.

  • Himalayan pink salt mill Pakistan 90g


    The Himalayan Rose Salt, popular with gourmets, is a versatile partner in cooking and a beautiful table salt in terms of color. The Himalayan Rose Salt of Maison Espig, mined in the Himalayan mountains of Pakistan, is a high-quality choice for all lovers of good food. With a user-friendly salt grinder, grind your food in just the right amount of salt to finish your serving.