Flavored Oils

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  • godard truffle oil

    La Maison Godard white truffle oil is made from high quality olive oil and white truffle. You finish it with pastas, risottos and salads.

  • alziari chili olive oil 100ml

    The soft and fruity extra virgin olive oil of the French La Maison Alziar is flavored with real chili, which gives it a proper kick. The oil is suitable for a wide range of seasonings, and the elegant packaging is a delight to the eye at the dining table.

  • alziari extra pizza oil 200ml min

    Whatever the pizza diavola, the devil’s pizza, without the finishing chili oil! La Maison Alziar’s Pili Pili olive oil is the perfect blend of chili and spices to complete your pizza or barbecue.

  • 3 Huile Truffe 250 ml


    La Maison Alziar's truffle oil makes it easy to season pastas, risottos and scrambled eggs. This olive oil flavored with real truffles also goes particularly well with parmesan. Only the cleanest and finest raw materials have been used in the oil.

  • Black Winter Truffle Oil 100ml

    The black truffle oil from the French Maison Pébenyre is made from high quality sunflower oil and seasoned with authentic black truffle. The neutral taste of sunflower oil leaves much room for the full-bodied taste of black truffle. Try pasta, risotto, meat dishes as well as mashed potato mash!

  • 19,90

    The Spanish Finca la Barca olive oil has acquired its special, smoky aroma through the traditional Extremadura smoking method. Only first-class wood is used for smoking, and the oil is allowed to rest in the “smokehouse” for two weeks, from which the oil gets its smoky nuances.

  • White truffle flavored olive oil 100ml

    You can easily get the delicious aroma of white truffle into any food with the olive oil flavored with Maison Pébenyre white truffle. The soft flavors of olive oil and white truffle blend harmoniously together and leave a velvety aftertaste. Try the oil to season pastas, risottos and mashed potatoes.

  • 29,00

    The gift box containing truffle and olive oil from Chateau d'Estoublon is definitely a gift that the recipient does not already have! Elegant and beautiful bottles are like perfume bottles that beautify the kitchen or dining table. The olive oil used in both bottles is produced biodynamically from the farm’s own olives. Truffle oil is flavored in the traditional Provencal style, combining the delicate aromas of olive and truffle. Oils should not be used in cooking, leaving their delicious aromas and antioxidants. Instead, the oils should be used as such as spices, for example in soups or on pasta and risotto. Truffle oil is also very good on top of meat as a spice or luxury mashed potato!

  • extra virgin olive oil flavored with lemon by a pharmacist

    The extra virgin olive oil flavored with a pharmacist's lemon is a spice oil that combines the finest and freshest aromas of olive oil and fresh lemons. The oil is produced biodynamically from the farm’s own olives. As such, it is perfect for seafood, pesto, herb oils, asparagus, pasta and risotto. Also try fresh goat cheese and carpaccio on top or cheviche!