Fish products

The French la Belle-iloise makes incredibly delicious and varied canned fish for every taste. You will find e.g. sardines and mackerel fillets preserved in various sauces. In addition, our selection includes a variety of popular spreadable mousses and pastes that make delicious snacks even on bread or sandwich biscuits. As such, canned fish and spreads are ready to eat, or you can apply a wide variety of fillings, pastes or salads to apéros, tapas or antipasto dishes. Unleash your creativity!

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  • sardiineja oliivioljyssa 115g min

    And the Grands classiques de la Conserverie la Belle-iloise!

    La Belle-cheerful one of the great classics is sardines in olive oil. Premium extra-virgin olive oil emphasizes the fish's own taste and brings out the best aromas of sardines. Try it in a salad, salty pie or on top of pizza!

  • 3,90

    Aromatic and velvety soft tuna mousse

    The tuna mousse flavored with basil has a velvety soft mouthfeel and a wonderfully aromatic taste. The finished tuna mousse is suitable for salty mouthfuls as well as for filling Patong!

  • 3,90

    The party feels like an everyday lobster jam!

    Sophisticated lobster mousse with a hint of cognac easily brings luxury to everyday life. The light weighty composition literally melts in your mouth. Try it as it is with sandwich biscuits, grissini or blin, for example!

  • tuna in olive capers

    Tasty and ready-made salty mouthful

    Tuna paste flavored with olives and capers is a delicious ready-to-use paste, for example, eaten on bread or with potatoes. Provencal herbs and olive oil create a pastoral Mediterranean flavor. Also try it with pasta!

  • White Germon Tuna King of tuna g

    White tuna - the king of tuna

    When you want to be sure that you are sure to eat quality tuna and genuine tuna in general, you should choose la Belle-cheerful white tuna in olive oil. White tuna is the most prized of the tuna due to its refined taste and solid and fine-grained composition. Try it for yourself!

  • sardiineja maust chililla ja sitruunalla 115g min

    And the festival is full of couleurs!

    For lovers of heat, la Belle-cheerful chilli and lemon-flavored sardines preserved in olive oil are perfect. The two different chili peppers have not been used too much to obscure the flavors, but are just right to bring out new aromas. Try it even with bruscheta, lasagna or pizza!

  • maustetut sardiinit oliivioljyssa 115 g min

    Fall in love with sardines made according to a recipe inspired by Creole cuisine!

    La Belle-cheerfully seasoned sardines in olive oil have been inspired by Creole spicy cuisine. The warm and authentic flavor combination only heals over time when preserved. Try even appetizers, tabbouleh salad or a savory pie!

  • 3,90

    And mariage de saveurs!

    The Parmesan-flavored tuna grill meets French traditional tuna processing and the pride of the Italians, Parmesan cheese. This harmony of tastes is longing for nothing but good toasted bread!

  • sardiineja tomaatissa 115g min

    Sardines spiced with fruity aromas of tomato.

    At times, the simple is beautiful, like the sardines preserved in la Belle-cheerful olive oil and seasoned with a passported tomato. Nothing else is needed when the flavors of quality and pure raw materials come into their own. Try it on pizza or bruscheta, in soup or pasta!

  • tapas sardelli min

    DeliDel's own anchovy fillets in olive oil are a perfect addition to a tapas plate, for example. Spanish anchovies have been caught in accordance with MSC sustainability standards.

  • mackerel for diabetes

    Mnee de puissance et d'équilibre!

    Mackerel fillets, like damn, combine the harmony of tastes with a little diabolical back kick. Mustard, red chili peppers and garlic blend naturally together as the lemon brings light freshness. Try it even with bruscheta, lasagna or pizza!

  • pannardardines with butter and lemon 115g

    Pannusardines fried in the buttermilk of the French La Belle Iloinen and seasoned with lemon are, in all their simplicity, a delicious product. Pannusardines are consumed heated as such, for example on bread or as part of a portion of fish.

  • mackerel fillet in white wine 176g min

    La Belle Iloinen mackerel fillets in white wine are a masterpiece of traditional know-how and subtle craftsmanship. The product uses only the best, responsibly caught mackerel and clean raw materials. Enjoy as such or as part of your favorite recipe!

  • mackerel fillet curry with almond sauce 1125g min 1

    La Belle Iloinen’s mackerel fillets in curry almond sauce are a joyful taste experience, bringing together the warm flavors of India and crumbling grilled almond pieces. The sauce is crowned by its beautiful yellow color perky packaging.

  • white tuna Zanzibar plum and spices 80g

    La Belle-cheerful white tuna, like Zanzibar, is seasoned with exotic spices and prunes. White Germon tuna is preserved in high quality olive oil and seasoned with flavors and prunes typical of East Africa and the Middle East.