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  • bbq sauce 250ml

    The classic taste of America in a bottle! When you want a barbeque sauce full of authentic flavors, you’re on the right side. The ingredients in DeliDel's BBQ sauce are short and concise, and contain only natural ingredients with no artificial flavors or additives and preservatives. Try everything for grilling and especially for burgers!

  • Bearnaise

    Easy and delicious Bearnaise sauce. Get your finished sauce at your fingertips, just 10s per micron. The right ingredients, no glutamate or palm oil. One pack, three portions of 1-2 persons.

  • Hollandaise

    Easy and delicious Hollandaise sauce. Now it feels like a real chef. One pack, three portions. Warm in microwave for 10s. The best sauce for egg, fish or asparagus. Also try steamed vegetables. No sodium gluten.

  • organic tomato paste 340g fi eko 201

    When you want an easy way to land tomatoes ripened under the Italian sun at any time, make sure you find Mariangela Prunotto’s organic tomato crumb in your closet. Tomato crumb is made within 48 hours of picking tomatoes completely without salt, sugar, concentrates or dried herbs. Only 100 % fresh organic tomatoes and full flavor.

  • organic tomato passata bottle min

    The best certified organic tomatoes ripen on this delicious tomato sauce on an Italian farm and are prepared within 48 hours of harvest.
    Passata is made only from fresh, certified organic tomatoes without added salt.
    Rediscover the taste of genuine 'tomato paste' made by Italian grandmothers in the summer.

  • tomato puree 150g tube

    The French tomato puree is made from tomatoes ripened in the south-west of France. It is known for its fruity taste and bright red color. However, Roll’s tomato puree is not sour at all. It is suitable as a base for all tomato sauces.

  • aioli

    Alioli sauce made with Finca La Barca smoked olive oil. Thanks to the smoky aroma and taste of the oil and the special garlic, this sauce is a must in your kitchen. You can use it with meat, sandwiches, seafood…
    Gluten free.
    Store in a cool, dry place away from direct light. Once opened, store in a refrigerator and use within seven days.

  • Smoked mayonnaise

    Mayonnaise made with smoked olive oil “Finca La Barca”. This sauce will become essential in your kitchen. With it you can enjoy meat, sandwiches, seafood… Gluten free. Store in a cool, dry place, protected from light. Once opened, put it in the refrigerator for up to seven days.

  • Midnight spaghetti sauce 90g

    DeliDel's Midnight Spaghetti Sauce is a delicious, tomato-spicy ready-made sauce made from high-quality ingredients. As the name implies, it is especially suitable as a pasta sauce, but try seasoning it with oven or casserole dishes, for example!

  • olive bruschetta 90g

    Made from Italian olives, DeliDel’s olive bruschetta is the perfect spread for fresh bread or crackers. As such, it is also great as an accompaniment to a variety of meats and cooked vegetables, as well as to season dishes and dishes. Only natural, high-quality raw materials have been used in the application.

  • dill wash 90g

    DeliDel's own dill pesto is a delicious ready-made sauce suitable for the Nordic taste world. Dill pesto made on olive oil base is suitable as such for pasta sauce, fish and new potatoes, for example.

  • truffle sauce

    If you always want to be ready for an easy and quick gourmet meal, you should get Potier's ready-made truffle sauce in the cupboard! The creamy truffle sauce, packaged in individual sachets, is perfect for many meats, from meat to pasta and burgers. The sauce is made only from the best and purest ingredients, e.g. without monosodium glutamate. At its easiest, you heat the sauce in just 10 seconds in the microwave. The individually packaged serving bags keep the sauce fresh, and you can always optimize the amount of sauce according to the eaters, without any loss.