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  • chimichurri kastike 110g min

    Espanjalainen tyypillinen brava-kastike on mausteinen, tomaattipohjainen kastike, joka tarjoillaan perinteisesti patatas bravas -annoksessa eli paistettujen perunoiden kera. Finca la Barcan brava-kastike on maustettu valmistajan erikoisherkulla, savustetulla paprikalla.

  • brava kastike 110g min

    Argentiinalainen chimichurri-kastike on saanut Finca la Barcan versiossa lisämakua savustetusta paprikasta. Puhtaista mauista ammentava ja pienen potkun tarjoava kastike sopii täydellisesti lihoille, etenkin grillaukseen.

  • Bearnaise

    One of the undisputed classics of French cuisine is the béarnaise sauce, which is a variation of hollandaise sauce flavored with tarragon. You can only get the perfect béarnaise sauce by heating Maison Potier's finished sauce sachet. The sauce is made from only the best ingredients without any artificial flavors or colors. Individual sachets guarantee good shelf life and allow losses to be minimized. Try the sauce favorites with steak, fish or seafood, for example!

  • Pepper sauce

    When your mind makes a decent pepper sauce, try Maison Potier's ready-made pepper sauce! The creamy pepper sauce packed in individual serving bags is suitable for both steaks and poultry. The sauce is made only from the best and purest ingredients. At its easiest, you heat the sauce in just 10 seconds in the microwave. Individually packaged serving bags keep the sauce fresh, and you can always optimize the amount of sauce according to the eaters, without losing it.

  • Red wine sauce

    You can't always cook and have to cook delicious sauces from start to finish. With Maison Potier's ready-made red wine sauce, you can crown your meal in just 10 seconds! The red wine sauce seasoned with shallots is most easily heated in the microwave. Convenient individual packages keep the sauce fresh, and the amount of sauce can also always be fully optimized according to the number of diners without loss.

  • tillipesto 90g min

    DeliDel's own dill pesto is a delicious ready-made sauce suitable for the Nordic taste world. Dill pesto made on olive oil base is suitable as such for pasta sauce, fish and new potatoes, for example.

  • valkosipuli creme 100g min

    Here is the absolute basic product of the wardrobe for all garlic lovers! The soft and aromatic garlic paste is suitable for sauces as well as for dipping with vegetables, for example. The garlic used in the paste is stewed to maturity, which makes them easily digestible and stomach-friendly. Also try garlic crème with lamb or pork!

  • midnight spaghetti kastikke 90g min

    DeliDel's Midnight Spaghetti Sauce is a delicious, tomato-spicy ready-made sauce made from high-quality ingredients. As the name implies, it is especially suitable as a pasta sauce, but try seasoning it with oven or casserole dishes, for example!