“DeliDel spreads charm their tasters from the same seat. The soft and tasty tapenades, pestos, Cremet and pastes are suitable as such for cooking as well as for a piece of salt or as a filling for various cocktail pieces. Our selection also includes organic spreads and alternatives for vegans. Have an apéro evening with a drink and book your favorite spreadsheet in the pantry for the future!
You can also find more meat and fish-based spreads under our Meat and Fish Products product group. ”

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  • green tapenade 120g CR3

    Olives Arnaud's green tapenade is a delicious tapenade traditionally made from Provencal olives. Try it as it is in salty mouthfuls or as a side dish or seasoning for a variety of dishes. There is nothing artificial in the green tapenade and all the flavors come from clean and high quality ingredients!

  • black tapenade 120g

    Olives Arnaud's black tapenade is a high-quality tapenade made from black olives in the traditional Provencal style. Only the best and purest raw materials have been used in the product. Order a delicious side dish for different dishes or a tasty filling for different salty mouthfuls here!

  • 9203 pesto Rosso

    Authentic Italian red pesto is made from sun-ripened organic tomatoes and cashews, among other things, which give this delicious organic pesto its own special aroma. The strong-tasting but balanced pesto is suitable for many uses, from bruscheta to pasta and crostines. Also try it as such, as a side dish or filling with red meat or chicken!

  • 9204 pesto bio

    Authentic Italian green pesto is made from fresh organic basil, extra virgin olive oil, pine nuts, sea salt and lemon juice - without any artificial flavors or ingredients. Basil, hand-picked in August, is used fresh immediately, guaranteeing the authentic and delicious aromas of pesto. Try and find your new favorite pesto!

  • artichoke spread 90g

    The Délices du Luberon artichoke spread is a wonderfully velvety and creamy delicacy. Treat it as such with toast and fresh white wine, or add it to a pizza topping, for example. The spread contains up to 60 % artichokes and no additional additives or preservatives at all.

  • sun-dried tomato spread 90g

    The Délices du Luberon spread made from sun-dried tomatoes is recognizable by its beautiful dark red hue and rich flavor. The spread is finished with mozzarella, which gives it its charming soft taste. The application does not contain any additional additives or preservatives. Only the imagination is the limit to what this tomato and soft delicacy can be used in addition to salty mouthfuls!

  • oliivibruschetta 90g min

    Made from Italian olives, DeliDel’s olive bruschetta is the perfect spread for fresh bread or crackers. As such, it is also great as an accompaniment to a variety of meats and cooked vegetables, as well as to season dishes and dishes. Only natural, high-quality raw materials have been used in the application.

  • delicacy package delice min

    The Delice delicacy package consists of three DeliDel's own delicacies and spreads. The package includes olive bruschetta made in Italy, dill pesto and Midnight baguette sauce. All products are made only from pure and natural raw materials with no added artificial ingredients. Here is a great gift or gift for lovers of Mediterranean flavors!

  • Harissa 70g

    Originally from North African cuisines, Hari is a fiery and spicy paste that brings warmth to many different foods. Le Phare du Cap Bonin Harissa is made with a traditional recipe from authentic ingredients. Once opened, the tube should be stored in the refrigerator and used within 30 days.

  • organic sun-dried tomato spread 90g min

    According to a traditional Provencal recipe, the spread made from sun-dried organic tomatoes is seasoned with mozzarella, which cuts the acidity of the tomato and forms a perfect taste pair with the tomato. Try it as it is on toast, with mozzarella or as a filling in breads and tapas.

  • goat cheese paste seasoned with smoked paprika flakes 110g min

    Goat cheese paste flavored with smoked paprika from Finca la Barca combines delicious goat cheese with Finca la Barca’s own specialty, smoked paprika flakes. The smooth-spreading paste is perfect for toast and as a base for various sauces. Combine the spread with your favorite fillings and create delicious savory snacks!

  • tattoo paste seasoned with truffles 110g min

    Tatt paste flavored with truffle from Finca la Barca is a luxuriously delicious cream cheese-based spread. The taste of its authentic tatin gets a final touch with a touch of truffle. Try this soft creamy and smooth spread on light bread, crackers, dipping in grissini or cooking!

  • Iberian possupate seasoned with smoked peppers 110g min

    The Iberian pork pate, flavored with smoked paprika from the Spanish Finca la Barca, is a soft, smooth and spreading pate made from the best meats of the Iberian pork. The spread is crowned by Finca la Barca's own specialty, smoked peppers. This pate combines the best flavors of Extremadura!

  • tillipesto 90g min

    DeliDel's own dill pesto is a delicious ready-made sauce suitable for the Nordic taste world. Dill pesto made on olive oil base is suitable as such for pasta sauce, fish and new potatoes, for example.

  • Garlic creme 100g 1

    Here is the absolute basic product of the wardrobe for all garlic lovers! The soft and aromatic garlic paste is suitable for sauces as well as for dipping with vegetables, for example. The garlic used in the paste is stewed to maturity, which makes them easily digestible and stomach-friendly. Also try garlic crème with lamb or pork!

  • midnight spaghetti kastikke 90g min

    DeliDel's Midnight Spaghetti Sauce is a delicious, tomato-spicy ready-made sauce made from high-quality ingredients. As the name implies, it is especially suitable as a pasta sauce, but try seasoning it with oven or casserole dishes, for example!