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Pates, rills, terrines… The water is already fluttering in your tongue when you think of all the delicious French cuisine has to offer. At DeliDel you will find delicious meat-based canned and cut meat preserves for everyday and festive occasions. We only prefer genuinely quality-oriented and traditional producers who do not use artificial flavors or additives in their products. Order from us for your own pleasure or as a gift!

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  • Gift box with 10 different pates

    La Maison Godard’s gift box is a delicious gift for those who appreciate French cuisine. It is also an easy purchase for a gourmet evening, where you want to taste as many different foie gras pies as possible and other typical pies from the south-west of France. Order for yourself or as a gift!

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  • duck liver bloc southwest France 2 min

    La Maison Godard’s duck liver bloc is made from real duck liver and spices. Its texture is smooth and soft. The duck liver bloc is usually made in a brick-shaped shape, referred to by the original French name “bloc”. The product does not contain additives and is an authentic original foie gras from the south-west of France.

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  • duck stew with 50 duck liver min

    La Maison Godard’s traditional duck pate is a high quality foie gras delicacy from the south of France. It contains 50 high quality duck liver blocs from %. No artificial flavors or additives and preservatives have been used in the duck pot.

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  • duck fat 350g min

    With duck fat, you can make the best fried potatoes ever. It is also a traditional ingredient in the production of 'pommes de Terre sarlandaises' and 'confit de canard'.

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  • wild boar pate seasoned with Armagnac min

    La Maison Godard’s rustic Armagnac-flavored wild boar pate is a delicious choice for fall and winter parties and evening parties. Armagnac nicely emphasizes the taste of the game and creates its characteristic, pleasant aroma in the pate. Pate does not use unnecessary additives and preservatives or artificial flavors at all.

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  • Country tray 220g min

    When you want your dining table to breathe in the countryside of the south-west of France, choose Lucien Georgelin's country patty. Pate made from pork and duck contains only natural ingredients with no artificial flavors or preservatives.

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  • goose rillette min

    La Maison Godard goose grillette is a high-quality and authentic French goose meat rillette, or spreadable pate-type canned food. Delicious even more on a slice of warm toast or country bread!

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  • country terrine flavored with truffle 3 min

    La Maison Godard’s authentic truffle-flavored country thistle is full of rustic, French flavors. The terrine made from pork and liver is seasoned with authentic black truffle from product 3 %.

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  • Porc rillette 180g

    The velvety and easily spread La Belle Chaurienne possurillette seduces its eater with its refined taste and silky texture. Here you will find the perfect starter for your meal or a tasty aperitif served with toast or fresh bread.

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  • Iberian possupate seasoned with smoked peppers 110g min

    The Iberian pork pate, flavored with smoked paprika from the Spanish Finca la Barca, is a soft, smooth and spreading pate made from the best meats of the Iberian pork. The spread is crowned by Finca la Barca's own specialty, smoked peppers. This pate combines the best flavors of Extremadura!

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  • block 65g lafitte min

    Lafitte's duck liver bloc is made only from duck liver and spices. Its texture is smooth and soft, which is why it is perfect when served on toast. Duck liver bloc is usually made in a brick-like shape, which is referred to by the original French name "bloc".

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  • goose fat 320g min

    With goose fat, you can season traditional fried potatoes in a unique way. It is also a necessary ingredient in traditional Sarlandais potatoes, “pommes de Terre sarlandaises”.

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    goose fat

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  • enchaud min

    La Maison Godard’s Enchaud pork is a long-stewed pork fillet made according to a traditional recipe. The meat is also seasoned with garlic, salt and pepper. This piggy bank is cold at best and easiest to cut straight from the fridge.

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