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  • Mix of carrots, parsnip & beetroot vegan chips 40g

    The root chips of Italian Fox are a mixture of hand-made carrot, parsnip and beet chips. The root chips are cooked in sunflower oil and seasoned with salt. Their traditional way of making them deliciously thick but crunchy.

  • FOX Potato chips balsamic salt 40g

    Balsamico’s light bitterness and sweetness combined with the salinity of the potato chips creates this irresistible combination. Italian Fox potato chips are real premium potato chips made by the traditional method of hand-making and using only natural ingredients. With these potato chips, you make everyday life a little more festive!

  • Sea Salt chips 40g

    When you want authentic, artisan potato chips, the potato chips seasoned with Italian Fox sea salt are sure to come to mind! Handmade premium potato chips are made from only the best ingredients without any artificial ingredients. In addition, the traditional method of preparation leaves them deliciously thick, giving the chips their perfect taste and mouthfeel.

  • FOX Potato chips sourcream onion 40g

    The absolute favorite flavor of many potato chips is the classic sourcream & onion. Fox’s potato chips combine this delicious pair of flavors with premium natural ingredients. Potato chips are made by hand, which leaves them a little thicker than usual but even more delicious!

  • FOX Potato chips truffle sea salt 40g

    The luxury of the luxuries is the handmade Italian Fox chips seasoned with truffles and sea salt. Only natural and genuine raw materials are used in the chips without any artificial flavors or additives. Made by hand and with a traditional recipe, the potato chips also leave irresistibly thick and aromatic.

  • FOX Tortilla chips sweet chili 40g

    Italian Fox Tortilla chips are made from fresh corn and seasoned with sweet chili. The chips are made in the traditional way by hand, which leaves them a little thicker and even more delicious. Tap as is or dip on your favorite dip!

  • crackers 1

    The traditional recipes of Terrenostre make baked goods bring a true Puglia taste to your dining table.
    Bruschette salt biscuits are made completely without additives.
    They have a neutral flavor that goes well with various spreads and cheeses. Try salt crackers with pâtés, fish pates or tapenade. Genuine Italian bruschetta appetizers are easily made with our garlic bruschetta. Salt biscuits are also a great addition to fish soup: sprinkle a drizzle of rouille sauce over the biscuits and serve with fish soup.

  • apero biscuits

    Traditional apéro crackers are the best partner for a variety of tasty pastes and toppings. The biscuits are handmade and oven made according to a traditional recipe without palm oil. Finish your Mediterranean taste experience with authentic apéro biscuits!

  • grissotti olive oil stick 1

    Grissotti olive oil stick
    The traditional recipes of Terrenostre make baked goods bring a true Puglia taste to your dining table.
    Grissotti bread sticks are made completely without additives.
    The high quality olive oil gives them a refined taste. As such, they are a delicious snack in the company of a glass of wine, for example. They also provide a small Mediterranean addition to the dining table; they are great with soups, for example. Also try some tasty antipasti: wrap a slice of air-dried ham around the stick and serve with sun-dried tomatoes, for example.