Crackers, chips and other snacks

For a snack, apéro or tapas moment, you will find irresistibly crispy and delicious potato and root chips, salted biscuits and grissotti bread sticks. Friends of potato chips are encouraged to get to know the luxury potato and root chips of Italian Fox in different Maui. They are traditionally handcrafted without palm oil and monosodium glutamate and are slightly thicker than usual. Different spreads, on the other hand, get their rights with apéro biscuits or our other salt biscuits.

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  • crackers 1

    The traditional recipes of Terrenostre make baked goods bring a true Puglia taste to your dining table.
    Bruschette salt biscuits are made completely without additives.
    They have a neutral flavor that goes well with various spreads and cheeses. Try salt crackers with pâtés, fish pates or tapenade. Genuine Italian bruschetta appetizers are easily made with our garlic bruschetta. Salt biscuits are also a great addition to fish soup: sprinkle a drizzle of rouille sauce over the biscuits and serve with fish soup.

  • grissotti olive oil stick 1

    The Grissotti bread stick is a traditional, salted, dried bread stick baked in olive oil. They are tasty as such for snacks, for example with a glass of wine. Try them with soups instead of traditional bread, for example. With Grissotti bread sticks, you can also create tasty antipastas: wrap a slice of air-dried ham around the stick and serve with sun-dried tomatoes, for example!

  • apero biscuits

    Traditional apéro crackers are the best partner for a variety of tasty pastes and toppings. The biscuits are handmade and oven made according to a traditional recipe without palm oil. Finish your Mediterranean taste experience with authentic apéro biscuits!

  • grissini olive oil bread stick 180g min

    The grissini bread sticks of the Spanish Finca la Barca are traditionally made using high quality olive oil. The sticks taste like pure ingredients and are a wonderfully crunchy treat for dipping and snacking.

  • reganas extra virgin olive oil biscuits 180g min

    The Spanish Finca la Barca Regañás biscuits are savory biscuits baked from pure wheat and olive oil. They are baked by traditional methods without artificial substances. The biscuits combine a crunchy texture with the aroma of pure olive oil and sesame seeds. Delight with a variety of spreads, pastes and fillings!