The best canned tomatoes are simple in recipe and made only from quality ingredients. DeliDel's tomato-based products taste perfect and aromatic tomatoes ripened under the southern European sun. Here you will find high-quality Italian canned organic tomatoes as well as various more refined delicacies, such as tomato-based spreads, tomato-flavored pasta and sardines preserved in tomato sauce. All the products are united by the manufacturers' uncompromising desire to preserve the taste of the best tomatoes from the harvest with delicious products that can be enjoyed at any time.

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  • sardiineja tomaatissa 115g min

    Sardines spiced with fruity aromas of tomato.

    At times, the simple is beautiful, like the sardines preserved in la Belle-cheerful olive oil and seasoned with a passported tomato. Nothing else is needed when the flavors of quality and pure raw materials come into their own. Try it on pizza or bruscheta, in soup or pasta!

  • ratatouille luomu min

    Maison ProSain's ready-made tracks are an easy, tasty and healthy basic product in the kitchen cupboard. Made from pure organic ingredients, ratatouille tastes as such as a warm, multi-dish side dish. You can also use it as a sauce base for pizza, lasagna or pasta, for example!

  • organic tomato passata bottle min

    Mariangela Prunotto’s organic tomato passport is made from sun-ripened Italian tomatoes picked at just the right moment. The tomato paste, ie the pasteurized tomatoes, has been cooked and preserved from pure organic tomatoes, and nothing else has been added to it. Use as such as a tomato sauce or other sauce base.

  • sun-dried tomato spread 90g

    The Délices du Luberon spread made from sun-dried tomatoes is recognizable by its beautiful dark red hue and rich flavor. The spread is finished with mozzarella, which gives it its charming soft taste. The application does not contain any additional additives or preservatives. Only the imagination is the limit to what this tomato and soft delicacy can be used in addition to salty mouthfuls!

  • oliivibruschetta 90g min

    Made from Italian olives, DeliDel’s olive bruschetta is the perfect spread for fresh bread or crackers. As such, it is also great as an accompaniment to a variety of meats and cooked vegetables, as well as to season dishes and dishes. Only natural, high-quality raw materials have been used in the application.

  • sun-dried tomatoes delidelifinland min

    DeliDel's sun-dried cherry tomatoes are made from Italian sweet cherry tomatoes ripened under the sun. However, they have been dried in a way that leaves them wonderfully soft and aromatic. Try it in salads, sauces, pasta servings or antipastas.

  • Organic sauce for pizza 340g

    The finished tomato sauce for pizza by Italian Mariangela Prunotto is a ready-to-use, tomato sauce made from organic tomatoes for an authentic Italian-style pizza. The sauce is made with a traditional recipe and only the best, hand-picked ingredients from the area. In addition to pizza, try tomato sauce with pasta!

  • whole peeled Italian tomatoes 550g

    At the best time of summer, August, these delicious organic tomatoes ripened under the Italian sun are picked by hand. After 48 hours, they have already turned into this delicious canned food. Fresh tomatoes are peeled and stuffed with organic passata and cooked without added salt. Tomatoes can be used just like fresh tomatoes.

  • tomato puree 150g tube

    The French tomato puree is made from tomatoes ripened in the south-west of France. It is known for its fruity taste and bright red color. However, Roll’s tomato puree is not sour at all. It is suitable as a base for all tomato sauces.

  • organic sun-dried tomato spread 90g min

    According to a traditional Provencal recipe, the spread made from sun-dried organic tomatoes is seasoned with mozzarella, which cuts the acidity of the tomato and forms a perfect taste pair with the tomato. Try it as it is on toast, with mozzarella or as a filling in breads and tapas.

  • ragout organic vegan pasta sauce 300g min

    Italian Mariangelo Prunotto's ragout pasta sauce is a pasta sauce made from high-quality organic vegetables that is completely vegan. It is full of the taste of fresh Italian organic tomatoes spiced with modena balsamic. In addition to the sauce, you no longer need pasta!

  • tagliolini pomodoro pastificio Morelli

    Tagliolini tomato paste from the Tuscan Morelli pasta factory is full of aromas of Tuscan tomatoes and durum wheat. In its simplest form, it offers cooked pasta with quality olive oil and fresh basil as it is! Cooking time 5 minutes.

  • organic tomato paste 340g fi eko 201

    When you want an easy way to land tomatoes ripened under the Italian sun at any time, make sure you find Mariangela Prunotto’s organic tomato crumb in your closet. Tomato crumb is made within 48 hours of picking tomatoes completely without salt, sugar, concentrates or dried herbs. Only 100 % fresh organic tomatoes and full flavor.

  • midnight spaghetti kastikke 90g min

    DeliDel's Midnight Spaghetti Sauce is a delicious, tomato-spicy ready-made sauce made from high-quality ingredients. As the name implies, it is especially suitable as a pasta sauce, but try seasoning it with oven or casserole dishes, for example!