Truffles and mushrooms

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  • Kesätryffelicarpaccio

    The summer truffle carpaccio of the French La Maison Godard is a fine summer truffle slice preserved in olive oil. Serve as is with toast or on top of a traditional carpaccio, for example!

  • dried delicacy

    Dried delicacy is also a valued ingredient in French cuisine. With La Maison Godard’s dried delicacies, you make delicious risottos, pasta sauces and pies, even if the mushroom joy hasn’t hit the spot!

  • fresh black winter truffle min

    The time of the French winter truffle is winter. Price approx. 2500 € / kg This price is indicative if the weight is 25g.
    The weight of one truffle is also 20-40g
    The truffle time starts on 1.12, so the exact Arrival Date will not be known until the season has officially started in France.
    The next item is coming on 22.12.2021

  • godard truffle oil

    La Maison Godard white truffle oil is made from high quality olive oil and white truffle. You finish it with pastas, risottos and salads.

  • truffle salt 50g 1

    Coarse truffle salt is a luxurious finger salt that you use to finish meat dishes, pastas and omelettes, for example. The seasoned salt of Maison Pébenyre, a French company specializing in truffles, contains authentic summer truffles, one of the most prestigious truffle varieties in Europe. Try it and fall in love!

  • 3 Huile Truffe 250 ml


    La Maison Alziar's truffle oil makes it easy to season pastas, risottos and scrambled eggs. This olive oil flavored with real truffles also goes particularly well with parmesan. Only the cleanest and finest raw materials have been used in the oil.

  • summer truffle mayonnaise 180g

    Burger, steak and french fries will rise to a whole new level as you serve them with truffle mayonnaise. Maison Pébenyre’s truffle mayonnaise, which specializes in truffle products, contains an authentic summer truffle that brings a delicious and luxurious aroma to the mayonnaise.

  • Black Winter Truffle Oil 100ml

    The black truffle oil from the French Maison Pébenyre is made from high quality sunflower oil and seasoned with authentic black truffle. The neutral taste of sunflower oil leaves much room for the full-bodied taste of black truffle. Try pasta, risotto, meat dishes as well as mashed potato mash!

  • White truffle flavored olive oil 100ml

    You can easily get the delicious aroma of white truffle into any food with the olive oil flavored with Maison Pébenyre white truffle. The soft flavors of olive oil and white truffle blend harmoniously together and leave a velvety aftertaste. Try the oil to season pastas, risottos and mashed potatoes.