In order to preserve and keep canned vegetables, they must have used genuinely high-quality ingredients. In DeliDel's canned vegetables, you will find high-quality products made only from carefully selected raw materials. Our selection also includes several organic products and vegan options. You can find even more special canned food from France, Italy and Spain, which you will not encounter in every store in Finland.

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  • lemons min

    Lemons preserved whole are an integral part of Mediterranean cuisine outside the fresh lemons season. Lemons preserved in salt and water can be used to season a wide variety of foods, including fish and chicken. DeliDel’s preserved lemons come from Egypt, where they have been ripened under the sun to be juicy and beautiful golden yellow. Use the peel part of the lemons in particular or cut them into whole thin slices and use in different dishes!

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  • ratatouille organic min

    Maison ProSain's ready-made tracks are an easy, tasty and healthy basic product in the kitchen cupboard. Made from pure organic ingredients, ratatouille tastes as such as a warm, multi-dish side dish. You can also use it as a sauce base for pizza, lasagna or pasta, for example!

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  • cornichons

    What would be an apéro or tapas moment without little cornichons? Cocktail cucumbers from the French Percheron Freres are hand-picked and preserved in vinegar with coriander and tarragon. Order and taste but be careful not to get caught!

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  • grilled artichoke in olive oil

    To enjoy authentic Italian artichokes, try Mariangela Prunotto’s grilled artichokes in olive oil. Here you will find an easy and delicious side dish for many different dishes, an ingredient in a salad or an antipasta plate to offer. Also try artichoke pasta!

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  • garlic bruschetta 180g min

    Use as a spread, as a side dish or as a spice

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  • capers in salt 140g

    DeliDel capers are preserved in sea salt and not in preservative broth, which better preserves their unique taste. Soak the capers for a few minutes before use to reveal their delicious and varied aromas.

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  • organic tomato paste 340g fi eko 201

    When you want an easy way to land tomatoes ripened under the Italian sun at any time, make sure you find Mariangela Prunotto’s organic tomato crumb in your closet. Tomato crumb is made within 48 hours of picking tomatoes completely without salt, sugar, concentrates or dried herbs. Only 100 % fresh organic tomatoes and full flavor.

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  • whole peeled Italian tomatoes 550g

    At the best time of summer, August, these delicious organic tomatoes ripened under the Italian sun are picked by hand. After 48 hours, they have already turned into this delicious canned food. Fresh tomatoes are peeled and stuffed with organic passata and cooked without added salt. Tomatoes can be used just like fresh tomatoes.

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  • organic pea extra fins 2x190g min

    Maison ProSain's canned peas are made from the best organic peas and carefully cooked in a seasoned soup. You can just heat the peas and they are ready for the side dish. Preserved peas are also excellent for cooking, such as pea soup.

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  • corn

    Organic maize from France’s Prosain has been grown on a family-owned farm in France and cooked at the manufacturer’s factory in the Pyrenees. The corn is picked when it is at its best, after which it is preserved using only water and a pinch of sea salt. Here is a delicious and responsibly produced basic product for every food cabinet!

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  • piquillo min

    Piquillo peppers grown in the La Vera region of Spain have been selected to be preserved by hand. Peppers belong to the genus of chili peppers, but their taste is softly sweet and not burning at all. Finca La Barca’s Piquillo peppers are roasted in the area in the traditional way in a wood-fired oven.

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  • sun-dried tomatoes in oil 290g min

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  • peppers in extra virgin olive oil 300g min

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