In the DeliDel desserts section you will find heavenly delicious various sweet spreads and preserved fruits in syrup. For example, dulce de leche-style milk jam and pistachio dreams are suitable as an accompaniment to fruit, on top of biscuits, and only directly from a jar for spooning or filling pastries. You will also find palm oil-free chocolate-hazelnut spreads. Almond cream, on the other hand, is definitely worth trying like an almond paste on a bun, for example.

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  • milk jam min

    Milk jam, or confiture de lait in French, is also known in Spanish as 'dulce de leche'. It is a caramel cooked from milk and sugar, whose velvetiness and caramel charm all sweet lovers. Try milk jam on both a waffle and a crepe, on bread, with ice cream, as a filling for a cake or pastry, or as such for dipping.

  • Torroncino nougatlevite

    Traditional torrone nougat can now also be enjoyed as a soft spread. Torroncino nougatl spread from the Italian D. Barber is made only from natural ingredients, preserving the wonderful, recognizable taste of torrone-nougat. As a spread, it is also easy to use, for example, in baking!

  • chocolate hazelnut spread 280g

    When you want a truly high-quality and delicious chocolate hazelnut spread for a treat or a snack, try Lucien Georgelin's chocolate hazelnut spread! No palm oil, artificial flavors, dyes or additives or preservatives have been used in the application. The aromatic hazelnuts used in the application are collected no more than 30 km from the manufacturer's plant in the south-west of France and have been used more extensively in the application than similar applications from other manufacturers. Try it and be charmed!

  • manteli creme 125g min

    DeliDel's almond crème is a degree more delicious and French fries. This almond paste, which also contains apples, is a delicious filling for pastries, crepes and windbreakers, for example. Also try apple pie as a filling!

  • pistachio dream 180g

    DeliDel's own pistachio dream, as the name implies, is the fulfillment of every pistol lover's daily dreams. It is a soft-spreading sweet paste with only the imagination as a limit! Try it, for example, on a biscuit, with pancakes, as a filling for macaroni, in a cheesecake or just as a spoon.

  • cherries in syrup 320g

    Whole cherries in syrup by Italian Mariangela Prunotto are like a breeze of fresh cherries even outside the harvest season. Their precise harvesting and preservation guarantee the preservation of the fresh characteristics of the cherries. Fresh cherries are stored within a few hours of picking in a light syrup, and nothing else is needed. Try it as it is for delicacies, with ice cream or in different desserts. Preservative broth also gives you a great ingredient for cocktails!

  • cherries in syrup 320g

    Mariangela Prunotto plums in sugar syrup are a delicious canned fruit that contains delicious plums grown in Piedmont orchards and a light sugar syrup. The broth is made only from water and cane sugar. Nothing else is needed to preserve the delicious aromas and soft texture of plums picked at just the right time.