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  • pistachio dream 180g

    DeliDel's own pistachio dream, as the name implies, is the fulfillment of every pistol lover's daily dreams. It is a soft-spreading sweet paste with only the imagination as a limit! Try it, for example, on a biscuit, with pancakes, as a filling for macaroni, in a cheesecake or just as a spoon.

  • Torroncino nougatlevite

    Traditional torrone nougat can now also be enjoyed as a soft spread. Torroncino nougatl spread from the Italian D. Barber is made only from natural ingredients, preserving the wonderful, recognizable taste of torrone-nougat. As a spread, it is also easy to use, for example, in baking!

  • whole figs in syrup 280g

    DeliDel Whole Figs in Syrup is a delicious canned fruit for use as is or in baking. Figs preserved whole in cane sugar syrup retain all their aromas as fresh and are a good reserve in the cupboard. No artificial ingredients have been used in the product, but the taste comes purely from fresh figs and cane sugar.

  • crema alla Nocciola

    If you’re looking for a healthier yet delicious alternative to a traditional chocolate hazelnut spread, here’s a great option! The Italian Teobia organic hazelnut spread is made from only three ingredients: Piedmont organic hazelnuts, cocoa beans and cane sugar. The spread is perfect for a gluten-free, milk-free as well as a vegan diet. The spread also uses no palm oil at all and contains at least 47 % hazelnuts.

  • crema

    The Italian organic almond spread is a deliciously nutty spread made from just two ingredients: organic almonds and cane sugar. No milk, soy lecithin or palm oil has been used in the product. It is also inherently completely gluten-free. The spread contains up to 63 % almonds, which is known to be a healthy part of the daily diet. The spread is also well suited for a vegan diet.

  • Almond creme spread 125g

    DeliDel's almond crème is a degree more delicious and French fries. This almond paste, which also contains apples, is a delicious filling for pastries, crepes and windbreakers, for example. Also try apple pie as a filling!