DeliDel's cake selection includes both seasonal products and cakes for suitable delicacies all year round. For example, enjoy nutty and unadulterated Italian cakes or traditional French Madeleine cakes. Under Christmas, our selection includes traditional and high-quality panettones baked with dough roots.

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  • aamiaiskakku

    The Brittany Quatre Quart breakfast cake is the crowning delicacy of a holiday breakfast. A soft cake baked in real butter is perfect for dipping a hot drink and as such to be enjoyed with, for example, jam, honey or “milk jam” or confiture de lait.

  • madeleines kakut 500g min

    Madeleine cakes are small, shellfish-shaped pastries that are popular in France. Traditional Madeleine cakes are available for children and adults alike, with an afternoon goûter snack or coffee break. Madeleines are especially suitable for dipping into coffee, tea, cocoa and even a glass of milk.

  • barberon panettone Classico in tin jar 750g

    One of the most famous Christmas classics in Italian cuisine is the panettone Christmas cake. D. Barbero's classic panettone is made only from first-class ingredients by the traditional method to the dough root. The Panettone is packaged in a stylish old-fashioned tin can, making it a great gift for the Christmas table and an otherwise beautiful part of the Christmas dessert table. Panettone will also keep well in its jar if the cake doesn’t end up in a better mouth immediately after the first meal.

  • barbero mini cake with chocolate and hazelnut 80g min

    D. Barbero's hazelnut and chocolate-finished mini-cake is a deliciously soft hazelnut cake baked entirely without wheat flour. It contains up to 40 % hazelnuts and dark chocolate tops. The Nocciolina mini cake is baked using only pure and natural ingredients by hand and baked in a traditional flat wood oven.

  • barbero mini cake with almond 80g min

    The almond mini cake of the Italian D. Barbero is baked completely without wheat flour and only from natural ingredients. It is a wonderfully soft and delicious pastry that contains almonds up to 35 %. The cake is handcrafted using a traditional recipe and baked in a traditional flat wood oven.