Biscuits and waffles

Right at the start as a warning that you can get hooked on DeliDel's French biscuits! Here you will find e.g. lovely traditional Breton galette biscuits, cigarette biscuits that fit perfectly on the side of the coffee cup and delicious waffle rolls. Our biscuits are made using pure raw materials without unnecessary artificial substances - and you will notice that in the taste.

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  • palet biscuit pack 200g

    Thick and crunchy palette biscuits are made in the traditional Breton way in salty butter. Golden toasted biscuits are a tasty treat to enjoy as a coffee moment.

  • waffles 100g min

    Waffle rolls or “Gaufres Géantes” or giant waffles are one of the specialties of the Biscuiterie du Quercy. Crispy rolls baked from fresh eggs are suitable as such to be enjoyed or with any dessert.

  • galette biscuit pack 300g


    Brittany’s famous galette biscuits are baked in real butter, which guarantees the crispy texture and irresistible taste of the biscuits. DeliDel galettes are baked according to a traditional recipe without additives or preservatives. Try and fall in love with the charming cumin-like taste of the galettes!

  • cigarettes 150g

    Cigarette biscuits get their name from their cigar-like shape. The thin and crunchy delicacy is especially good to enjoy with a glass of champagne, in a serving of ice cream or even with a steaming cup of coffee or cocoa. The recipe for these biscuits, traditionally baked from pure ingredients, has been passed down from one generation to the next.