The DeliDel chocolate range is a unique combination of traditional and modern delicacies from French, Italian and Belgian chocolate masters. Our chocolates are also responsibly produced, so you can enjoy them with good mood. Here you will find Fair Trade organic chocolates, handmade chocolates from small French producers, Italian nut chocolates and popular Belgian chocolate chip cocoa. Many of our manufacturers have their own local cocoa farmers whose work supports the entire surrounding community. In addition to your own moment of delicacy, you will find great gifts for every chocolate taste.

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  • tablettes de chocolat tablette chocolat Blanc Ivoire 100g min

    The French Mazet's white chocolate bar Ivory is made from only natural ingredients and real cocoa butter. Its soft sweet taste is the most delicious for many moments.

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  • la guinette cherries in dark chocolate

    coming for Christmas

    Mademoiselle de Margaux is a chocolate maker next door to the famous Bordeaux wine producer, Château de Margaux. One of the classics of Mademoiselle de Margaux is the Guinette cherries preserved in Armagnac and dipped in dark chocolate. The combination of carefully selected armagnac, fresh cherries and high-quality dark chocolate guarantees this delicacy a wonderful combination of flavors and a mouth-watering texture that is suitable for even the most demanding gourmets.

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  • noccioletta piedmonten hazelnut chocolate plate cake 120g

    The Noccioletta hazelnut chocolate bar from Italy, D. Barbero, contains more than half of the authentic Piedmont hazelnuts. It has a nut content of 55 % and contains a minimum of cocoa chocolate. 30 %. Chocolate does not use any additives or preservatives, nor vegetable or palm oil. In this chocolate, hazelnuts really come into their own right!

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