The DeliDel chocolate range is a unique combination of traditional and modern delicacies from French, Italian and Belgian chocolate masters. Our chocolates are also responsibly produced, so you can enjoy them with good mood. Here you will find Fair Trade organic chocolates, handmade chocolates from small French producers, Italian nut chocolates and popular Belgian chocolate chip cocoa. Many of our manufacturers have their own local cocoa farmers whose work supports the entire surrounding community. In addition to your own moment of delicacy, you will find great gifts for every chocolate taste.

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  • noccioletta piedmonten hazelnut chocolate plate cake 120g

    The Noccioletta hazelnut chocolate bar from Italy, D. Barbero, contains more than half of the authentic Piedmont hazelnuts. It has a nut content of 55 % and contains a minimum of cocoa chocolate. 30 %. Chocolate does not use any additives or preservatives, nor vegetable or palm oil. In this chocolate, hazelnuts really come into their own right!

  • Organic chocolate confectionery box dark 72 and milk 180g CR3

    Chevalier d’Argouges ’Fair Trade milk chocolate and dark chocolate chocolates are handmade organic chocolate treats. There are different flavors in the box, e.g. almond and hazelnut filled chocolates coated with both milk chocolate and dark chocolate. Only genuine cocoa butter has been used in the confectionery, not vegetable oils or palm oil. The assortment of dark chocolate contains 72 % cocoa.

  • organic and fair trade mint chocolate candy 145g

    The mint chocolate of Chevalier d’Argouges in Normandy is made from organic chocolate produced according to Fair Trade criteria. The chocolate used in the confectionery is a dark chocolate with cocoa 72 %. The chocolates are made by hand and only from the best ingredients. Here is an authentic and ethically produced delicacy for mint chocolate lovers!

  • chocolate candy metal box limoncelli marachino nocciole 150g 2

    The paper-coated chocolate candies by Italian D. Barbero in a metal box are the perfect gift for chocolate fans or just for your own treat. The box contains three different flavors: nocciolino (pralines stuffed with Piedmont hazelnuts), boero (pralines stuffed with cherry) and limoncello (pralines stuffed with Sorrento limoncello filling).

  • Rum chocolate bar 270g min

    suitable for vegetarians and celiac

  • le camembert chocolate camembert cheese 200g min

    Daniel Mercier’s Le Berrichon chocolate is inspired by the traditional Camembert cheese disc, and the name of the chocolate is “Camembert chocolate”. It is a mouth-watering soft praline chocolate with crunchy hazelnut praline from hazelnut and almond. The chocolate is made entirely by hand, right up to packing the wafer. Only authentic cocoa butter has been used in the chocolate and no vegetable oils at all.

  • love 9 pcs long chocolate min

    The great joy of a small box of chocolates comes from the unveiled package of the chocolate box of Love by the Belgian chocolate manufacturer Dolfin. It contains 9 square pieces of delicious chocolate, the consumption of which creates a sensual moment both for everyday life and for celebration, alone or in company. A beautiful box crowns the taste.

  • love 18 pl long chocolate min

    Chic and gourmand!
    The box of Love chocolates by the Belgian chocolate manufacturer Dolfin contains 18 square pieces of delicious chocolate, the consumption of which creates a sensual moment both for everyday life and for a party, alone or in company. Dolfin's high-quality and responsible chocolates are a small piece of luxury!

  • chocolate chip cocoa 77 bag 200g min

    The popular chocolate chips used in cocoa by Belgian Dolfin are here again! With high-quality chocolate chips containing up to 77 % cocoa, you will cook delicious and full-bodied cocoa, which is guaranteed to quench your chocolate cravings. Try them in chocolate mousse, baking and decorating too!

  • chocolate chip cocoa noirblanc bag 200g min

    The popular chocolate chips used in cocoa by Belgian Dolfin are here again! The combination of dark and white chocolate creates a wonderfully soft, gentle and delicately vanilla flavor in full cocoa with a noticeable even light honey tinge. Try chocolate chips in baking and decorating too!

  • almond cocoa 250g min

    Almond cocoa from Belgian chocolate maker Dolfin is a delicious combination of cocoa and almonds. The recipe for cocoa powder is a well-kept secret, and it’s no wonder why!

  • salt caramel cocoa 250g min

    The name already says it all. The salty caramel cocoa from the Belgian chocolate manufacturer Dolfin contains two of the most delicious flavors: chocolate and salty caramel. Here you will find the perfect cocoa for sweet treats!

  • 55 cocoa 250g min

    The 55% cocoa from the Belgian chocolate maker Dolfin is a wonderful chocolate treat or energy charger even every day of the year. It is cocoa powder produced responsibly from high-quality raw materials that can be difficult to resist…

  • orange cocoa 250g min

    The salvation of a cool day is the orange cocoa of the Belgian chocolate maker Dolfin. Its aroma is warmly inviting and slightly spicy. The union of orange, cinnamon and ginger with chocolate creates this irresistible cocoa that entices a cup and curls on the couch under the blanket.

  • praline cocoa 250g min

    When you want a decent gourmet cocoa, here is the right choice for you. Belgian chocolate maker Dolfin’s pralineé cocoa combines velvety soft chocolate with delicious hazelnut praline. This can be hard to resist!

  • les caramels du chat milk chocolate almonds and cocoa pieces min

    The beloved character Le Chat, a Belgian chocolate maker, also adorns crunchy caramel pieces coated with milk chocolate and almond crocant. The quince caramel is handcrafted from genuine salted butter and is crowned with high-quality Belgian milk chocolate and delicious almond crumbs.