Spring of parties

Spring is celebrated in many ways. There's Easter, graduation parties, the start of the school summer holidays and, of course, May Day.

We also celebrate Vappu with Vappu Pimiä, because his new book "Vappu joki kää" is coming out very soon. DeliDeli was also able to join this trip. In the book you can find products for everyday cooking, as we here at DeliDeli say genuine products for everyday life!

Day off every day The delicious and wonderful-looking dishes in the book are created with Vappu Pimiä's engaging instructions. Even in a hurry, uncomplicated and tasty food is laid on the table, and the charming flavors take you even in unique moments above everyday life. Good food brings people together, for example, for atmospheric dinners around a steaming cauldron or to spend a relaxed pizza Friday with family and friends. The versatile cookbook brings together Vapu credit recipes and new ideas for carefree cooking, without forgetting the cottage kitchen. It also reveals how to get more flavor in home cooking with even small tricks.


The book will be published at the end of March.

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  • marenki 100g min

    Biscuiterie du Quercy is one of the main producers of artichoke rings in France. Its old-fashioned meringues are wonderfully soft and tough on the inside and crunchy on the outside. They are extruded into a beautiful long shape. A slight hint of vanilla gives the meringues a sophisticated flavor.

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  • chateau virant 500ml aop

    Une huile entièrement Provençale!
    Provence AOP olive oil from French wine and olive producer Chateau Virant has been awarded a gold medal in the Concours Général Agricole 2020 competition. This medium-strong extra virgin olive oil is made from a mixture of five varieties and pressed immediately after collection in the farm's own press and bottling plant.
    The oil can be used to taste green aromas such as grass, green tomato and almond. This multifaceted, balanced and full-bodied oil has a long mouthfeel, and the light pepperiness makes the oil medium to strong. It is ideal for use as such for salads, fish and meat, as well as for cooking.

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  • organic apricot jam min

    Lucien Georgelin’s organic apricot jam is reminiscent of the sunny apricot orchards of southwestern France. The jam is full of authentic apricots and no unnecessary preservatives or artificial flavors are needed. The traditional way of making the jam creates its wonderful taste and texture. Find your new favorite jam here!

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  • sardines in olive oil 115g min

    And the Grands classiques de la Conserverie la Belle-iloise!

    La Belle-cheerful one of the great classics is sardines in olive oil. Premium extra-virgin olive oil emphasizes the fish's own taste and brings out the best aromas of sardines. Try it in a salad, salty pie or on top of pizza!

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  • sardines with seasoning chili and lemon 115g min

    And the festival is full of couleurs!

    For lovers of heat, la Belle-cheerful chilli and lemon-flavored sardines preserved in olive oil are perfect. The two different chili peppers have not been used too much to obscure the flavors, but are just right to bring out new aromas. Try it even with bruscheta, lasagna or pizza!

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  • seasoned sardines in olive oil 115 g min

    Fall in love with sardines made according to a recipe inspired by Creole cuisine!

    La Belle-cheerfully seasoned sardines in olive oil have been inspired by Creole spicy cuisine. The warm and authentic flavor combination only heals over time when preserved. Try even appetizers, tabbouleh salad or a savory pie!

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  • sardines in tomato 115g min

    Sardines spiced with fruity aromas of tomato.

    At times, the simple is beautiful, like the sardines preserved in la Belle-cheerful olive oil and seasoned with a passported tomato. Nothing else is needed when the flavors of quality and pure raw materials come into their own. Try it on pizza or bruscheta, in soup or pasta!

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  • tapas anchovy min

    DeliDel's own anchovy fillets in olive oil are a perfect addition to a tapas plate, for example. Spanish anchovies have been caught in accordance with MSC sustainability standards.

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  • sardine and Nice olive 115g min

    Sardine and Nice olive

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  • sardine in tapenade 115g min

    Sardine in a tapenade

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  • Hollandaise

    One of the most famous classics in French cuisine is hollandaise sauce rounded with butter and flavored with lemon. To make sure your Dutch are successful, get Maison Potier's ready-made hollaindaise sauce sachets. The sauce is made only from the best and most authentic ingredients, respecting the traditional recipe. At its fastest, you can finish the sauce in just 10 seconds by heating in the microwave. Convenient sachets always keep the sauce fresh and keep losses to a minimum. Try it with asparagus, fish and poultry!

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  • alziari extra virgin olive oil Pauline 500ml min

    Cuvée Pauline extra virgin olive oil is a top quality “grand cru” organic olive oil. This cold-pressed olive oil uses olives of carefully selected varieties from the best regions of Europe, which are still harvested at a very young age. Early collection gives the oil its straightforward taste and vibrant aromas. Try it especially on salads, tomatoes and other fresh vegetables!

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  • olive oil Italiano 250ml

    As its name suggests, L'Italiano olive oil is 100% Italian. It combines carefully selected Italian olives of different varieties to produce fruity and slightly spicy extra virgin olive oil by cold pressing. The versatile L'Italiano is the perfect pair of flavors, especially for red salad, steamed white fish and vegetables.

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  • bio 250ml

    Terre Francescane's organic olive oil BIO is 100% Italian and 100% organic. The oil is a blend of different varieties, with the best organic olives in Italy selected. The olive oil has a strong fruity aroma, complemented by a herbaceous and artichoke-like aroma. Try carpaccio, tomato-mozzarella salad or vegetable soup, for example!

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  • lemon curd min

    Across the canal, the popular lemon paste known as lemon curd is also found as the base for many French desserts. DeliDel’s lemon curd is handcrafted from wonderfully velvety and lemon, pure ingredients. Enjoy as is or try in pastries, for example in the heavenly lemon meringue pie!

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  • apricot 100 300g

    For apricot jam lovers, Roussilon's apricot jam with Lucien Georgelin's 100 % fruit is the perfect choice. The jam contains 60 % of whole fruit, and fruit sugar has been used for sweetening. In addition to this, only natural pectin has been added to the apricot jam to thicken, as well as a little lemon juice to accentuate the apricot’s own fruity flavor.

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