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  • organic tomato paste 340g fi eko 201

    When you want an easy way to land tomatoes ripened under the Italian sun at any time, make sure you find Mariangela Prunotto’s organic tomato crumb in your closet. Tomato crumb is made within 48 hours of picking tomatoes completely without salt, sugar, concentrates or dried herbs. Only 100 % fresh organic tomatoes and full flavor.

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  • whole peeled Italian tomatoes 550g

    At the best time of summer, August, these delicious organic tomatoes ripened under the Italian sun are picked by hand. After 48 hours, they have already turned into this delicious canned food. Fresh tomatoes are peeled and stuffed with organic passata and cooked without added salt. Tomatoes can be used just like fresh tomatoes.

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  • spaghetti farro bio pastificio Morelli

    Morellian whole grain spaghetti spaghetti from Tuscany is made from an ancient Italian original form of wheat, fibrous spelled. The spelled used in the spaghetti is 100 % Italian organic tin. Spaghetti is made using the traditional artesan method. Whole-grain spaghetti spaghetti comes into its own with a very simple side dish spiced with tomato or oil. Also try meat or fish based sauces without tomatoes!

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  • organic pea extra fins 2x190g min

    Maison ProSain's canned peas are made from the best organic peas and carefully cooked in a seasoned soup. You can just heat the peas and they are ready for the side dish. Preserved peas are also excellent for cooking, such as pea soup.

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  • organic pomegranate 100 full juice 500ml min

    The French pomegranate apple juice from ProSain is 100% whole juice with no other ingredients used at all. Its soft taste and purple color make it a real luxury juice. It does not contain any added sugar, water, preservatives or dyes.

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  • organic 5 superfruit 500ml min

    The French ProSain 5 superfruits organic juice has been created for all lovers of superfruits and berries. It combines cranberry, pomegranate, wild blueberry, blackcurrant and chokeberry - all berries or fruits with super specialties. The juice is wonderfully fruity and slightly sour. It does not contain any added sugars, water, preservatives or dyes.

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  • corn

    Organic maize from France’s Prosain has been grown on a family-owned farm in France and cooked at the manufacturer’s factory in the Pyrenees. The corn is picked when it is at its best, after which it is preserved using only water and a pinch of sea salt. Here is a delicious and responsibly produced basic product for every food cabinet!

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  • organic detox turmeric ginger tea 15 pss 1

    Lisbon Tea Company's turmeric-ginger tea is a high-quality organic tea that naturally has e.g. properties that are good for digestion. It is also a completely decaffeinated tea drink. So if you’re looking for a genuinely full-bodied tea that also has detox properties, here’s a quality and carefully prepared option for you!

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  • muesli croustillant Cranberry myrtle and Framboise 450g face min

    Organic crunchy muesli flavored with cranberry, blueberry and raspberry from Favrichon is an easy and healthy start to the day. In addition to real berries, it contains fibrous whole grains. But no artificial substances at all!

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  • organic balsamic min

    Mariangela Prunotto balm is an authentic modern organic balm. Its complex aromas make it perfect for finishing a wide variety of portions. Also use as such for marinades and salads. Suitable for vegans.

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  • organic green tea and lemon loose tea 75g min

    Lisbon Tea Company’s lemon verbenate contains freshly grown organic lemon and verbena used as a herb. Verbena has traditionally been considered a soothing herb, and this tea is well suited to be enjoyed as an evening tea. It is a pure herbal tea that contains no caffeine at all.

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  • pure origine Nicaragua ground organic coffee 250g fi eco 201 min min

    Strength: 5/12
    Aromas: honey and chocolate
    Strength: 5/12 Aromas: honey and chocolate Lobodis' Nicaragua coffee is a smooth coffee experience that leaves a delicious aftertaste in the mouth. Its honey and chocolate aromas develop in a unique microclimate that is hard to find anywhere else in the world. It is a pure origin, i.e. single origin, coffee in which only arabica beans are used. The coffee is grown organically and responsibly in accordance with Fair Trade criteria.

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  • organic yellow tomato passata 425g min

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  • organic lemon verbena loose tea 20g min

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  • organic black loose tea 90g min

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  • biolea olive oil min

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