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  • extra virgin olive oil 2 min

    The cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil from the French Huilerie Cauvin is a good kitchen oil that is suitable for all kinds of cooking and finishing.

  • alziari extra virgin olive oil Pauline 500ml min
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    Cuvée Pauline extra virgin olive oil is a top quality “grand cru” organic olive oil. This cold-pressed olive oil uses olives of carefully selected varieties from the best regions of Europe, which are still harvested at a very young age. Early collection gives the oil its straightforward taste and vibrant aromas. Try it especially on salads, tomatoes and other fresh vegetables!

  • Marques de Valdueza extra Virgin olive oil

    Marques de Valdueza Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain is an extra virgin olive oil with a lush spring aroma, with a clear herbiness and fruitiness of a young olive. A mixture of the four varieties is prepared by cold pressing. Its taste is medium, which makes it the perfect companion for cooking and seasoning.