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  • duck legs 4 5pcs min

    DeliDel's perir french preserved duck legs are a piece of luxury for the dining table, both for everyday and festive occasions. The ducks in the product have been reared responsibly and without forced feeding slowly at their own pace. Ducks are allowed to live outdoors and are only fed GMO-free corn kernels without antibiotics. This type of cultivation is used in less than 5 % of French production.

  • viikuuna saksanpahkinahillo min

    A classic and charming pair of flavors is fig and goat cheese. As a low-sugar jam, fig fits perfectly with cheese plates. This DeliDel fig jam is further flavored with walnuts, which adds a perfect addition and flavor to the jam. Try fig & walnut jam with different blue cheeses too!

  • pappardelle pastificio Morelli

    Pappardelle is a traditional very wide strip-like pasta from Tuscany that goes great with a variety of sauces. Morell’s traditional pasta factory in Tuscany makes its pappardelle pasta from durum wheat flour, which uses wheat germ. Cooking time 5-6 minutes

  • chocorettes chocolate ring min

    Traditional meringues are now even more delicious when dipped in dark chocolate. Chocorette meringues are deliciously tough and soft on the inside and suitably crunchy on the outside. These are good to taste one after another!

  • salt flower 125g

    Salt flower is a real gourmet finger salt that is collected in a delicate collection process from the surface of a salt basin. After drying, the cauliflower is no longer treated in any way. The salt flower produced in the Guérande region, “fleur de sel de Guérande” is considered to be the most prestigious salt flower in the world. Its special taste and texture bring out the best in any dish. It is also an ideal last touch to crown a meat dish, salad or goose liver, for example.

  • siideri omena calvadoshyytelo camambert pont leveque juustolle min

    DeliDel’s cider, apple & calvados jelly brings an aromatic breeze from the Normandy apple orchards to your cheese plate. The jelly is made from pure raw materials without unnecessary additives and preservatives. It is a particularly perfect partner for Camembert, Pont l’Evêque and Livarot cheeses. Try it and fall in love!

  • valkoviini paarynahyytelo roquefortsinihomejuustolle min

    For the perfect combination of salty and sweet, you need DeliDel white wine & pear jelly and blue cheese. White wine-based jellies go particularly well with blue cheese, as well as pear. So the jelly has all the ingredients of perfection! Try roquefort or other blue cheeses.

  • olives – dark seasoned with thyme pitted 250g

    On a starter plate, with fish, on top of pizza,… Olives The pitted olives seasoned with Arnaud thyme taste good with an aperitif as well as in cooking. Dark olives preserved in sunflower oil and seasoned with thyme are made only from the best olives and natural ingredients, which you will notice in the taste!

  • hanhirillette min

    La Maison Godard goose grillette is a high-quality and authentic French goose meat rillette, or spreadable pate-type canned food. Delicious even more on a slice of warm toast or country bread!

  • grissotti olive oil stick 1

    The Grissotti bread stick is a traditional, salted, dried bread stick baked in olive oil. They are tasty as such for snacks, for example with a glass of wine. Try them with soups instead of traditional bread, for example. With Grissotti bread sticks, you can also create tasty antipastas: wrap a slice of air-dried ham around the stick and serve with sun-dried tomatoes, for example!

  • Truffle Brossees Extra whole 1

    Even outside the truffle season, you can enjoy whole black truffles on La Maison Godard’s preserved black truffle. Serve it as it is thinly sliced or use to season different dishes. When preserved, the luxurious taste of black truffle only intensifies, which is why it is considered and valued as an ingredient in French cuisine.

  • oliivibruschetta 90g min

    Made from Italian olives, DeliDel’s olive bruschetta is the perfect spread for fresh bread or crackers. As such, it is also great as an accompaniment to a variety of meats and cooked vegetables, as well as to season dishes and dishes. Only natural, high-quality raw materials have been used in the application.

  • Carnaroli

    Carnaroli rice is often called the king of risotto rice. Its large grains and starch content are perfect for making an authentic Italian-style risotto. With the right preparation method, you can create a deliciously full-bodied and perfectly balanced risotto at home. Get all the ingredients and try it for yourself!

  • paella spice

    The paella spice of La Chinata, a Spanish pepper spice house, consists mainly of the manufacturer's smoked paprika powder and saffron. It is a completely organic product with no dyes or preservatives at all. The spice blend is also gluten free and 100 % herbal. There are four individually wrapped bags in the package, and one bag is enough for about 300 grams of rice.

  • frantoio dorazio oltramare extra virgin oliivioljy 500ml min

    Italialaisen Frantoio D’Orazion Oltamare-oliiviöljyssä käytetyt kahdeksan eri lajiketta luovat harmonisen aromien sinfonian. Tämä korkealaatuinen extra virgin -oliiviöljy on maultaan kevyen hedelmäinen, ja sen tuoksussa korostuvat lehtien ja ruohon vivahteet. Frantoio D’Orazion Opera-sarjan oliiviöljyjen pulloissa on jokaisella eri tuotteella yksilöllinen ja kaunis kuosi, joka tekee oliiviöljystä kauniin välimerellisen elementin keittiöön.

  • aito dijoninsinappi 370 g min

    Aito dijoninsinappi on uudenlainen ja vaivaton tapa käyttää perinteistä ja maailmalla tunnettua ranskalaista sinappia. Reine de Dijonin dijoninsinappi on valmistettu perinteisellä reseptillä luonnollisista raaka-aineista. Kokeile erilaisten punaisten lihojen ja siipikarjan kanssa, salaatinkastikkeissa, marinadeissa tai kuorrutteissa!