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  • Reine de Dijon honey Dijon mustard 105g min

    Reine de Dijon's honey dijon mustard is especially suitable for salad dressings. By the way, the mustard is made with a traditional recipe only from authentic ingredients, but delicious honey has been added to it to bring softness and sweetness to the otherwise strong mustard. In addition to salads, try honey dijon mustard on top of slices of cheese!

  • spaghetti 1kg

    Perhaps Italy’s best-known pasta, spaghetti, tastes good to everyone from baby to granddaughter. Morell’s traditional pasta factory in Tuscany makes its authentic Italian spaghetti from durum wheat flour, which uses wheat germ. This preserves more vitamins and aromas in the pasta. Cooking time 8 minutes.

  • 84408 thai rice 2kg min

    Organic Thai rice, or jasmine rice, which belongs to the Lotus family, gets its recognizable aroma from the area where it is grown. Rice is grown organically in northeastern Thailand, guaranteeing it the best possible quality from Hom Mali rice, or jasmine rice.

  • 84407 couscous min

    The French Couscous fin of Le Renard is a fine-grained couscous. It is an authentic traditional couscous made from high quality durum wheat. You make delicious side dishes, tabboules and other dishes from it.

  • 84406 cheap pistachios min

    Halva is a traditional Mediterranean delicacy made from tahini or sesame paste. Halva flavored with pistachios from French Samia is made in the traditional way without any artificial ingredients.

  • 84405 cheap vanilla min

    Halva is a traditional Mediterranean delicacy made from tahini or sesame paste. The vanilla flavored with vanilla from French Samia is made in the traditional way without any artificial ingredients. Vanilla brings a deliciously soft aroma to it.

  • reganas extra virgin olive oil biscuits 180g min

    The Spanish Finca la Barca Regañás biscuits are savory biscuits baked from pure wheat and olive oil. They are baked by traditional methods without artificial substances. The biscuits combine a crunchy texture with the aroma of pure olive oil and sesame seeds. Delight with a variety of spreads, pastes and fillings!

  • sherry vinegar de Xerez Gran Reserva Finca la Barca 250ml min

    Finca la Barca sherry wine vinegar “Gran Reserva” is an authentic sherry wine vinegar from the Jerez region, which also has a certificate of origin. Wine vinegar has been aged for 10 years in oak barrels. It has a subtle clove and deciduous aroma and an intense dried fruit flavor.

  • white tuna Zanzibar plum and spices 80g

    La Belle-cheerful white tuna, like Zanzibar, is seasoned with exotic spices and prunes. White Germon tuna is preserved in high quality olive oil and seasoned with flavors and prunes typical of East Africa and the Middle East.

  • white tuna luzienne chili and air dried ham 80g

    Like the Basque country, the cheerful white tuna of the French la Belle has been spiced with typical Basque flavors. White Germon tuna is preserved in olive oil, and Bayonne dehydrated ham and Espelette chillies have been added to flavor it. Delight as such or as part of cooking!

  • white tuna marie galante coconut and lime 80g

    The small island in the Caribbean, Marie-Galante, has inspired the taste world for this canned tuna. The prestigious and high quality white Germon tuna is seasoned with a mixture of coconut, paprika, lime and Colombo spice. Enjoy it as is or use it as a filling for a pie or bread, for example.

  • organic balsamic min

    Mariangela Prunotto balm is an authentic modern organic balm. Its complex aromas make it perfect for finishing a wide variety of portions. Also use as such for marinades and salads. Suitable for vegans.

  • alziari extra virgin olive oil 2l

    La Maison Alziar's high-quality Cuvée Prestige extra virgin olive oil is a “cold cru” olive oil cold-pressed from olives harvested in the best regions of Europe. Olives of different varieties are certainly harvested when ripe, which gives the oil its unique fruity taste. The fine and soft aromas of the oil are suitable for seasoning both salads and cooked dishes.