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    Herkkukori sisältää seuraavat tuotteet:
    1524 - FOX Potato chips sea salt 40g
    1270 - Grissotti olive oil stick 300g
    1586 – KORI kartonkitarjotin ruskea-lumihiutale 33x20x7
    1048 - Organic and fair trade chocolate truffle 160g
    9866 – Luomu Kamomilla tee 15 pss
    1211 - Marenki 100g
    5214 – Marmeladikaramelli 6 makua 150g
    1744 – Marques de Valdueza appelsiininkukka hunaja 265g
    5195 – Musta kirsikka-hapankirsikkahillo 100% 300g
    7031 - Palet biscuit package 200g
    DO2503 – Praliné-kaakao 250 g
    5018 – Pure Origin Mexique, jauhettu luomukahvi 250 g
    1062 – Suklaalevy 37% kaakao, luomu, Reilu kauppa 100 g
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  • gift card department

    If you still have time to give the gift, you can order a stylish gift card to be mailed to us for the amount you want. If, on the other hand, it is not very long before the party starts, you can obtain our electronic gift card with a few clicks and print it for the recipient of the gift or give it directly in electronic form. Our electronic gift card will arrive in your email at its best in less than half an hour and in 24 hours at the latest.

  • gift card department

    We will send this gift card via Post. The gift card can be found in DeliDeli's stores or online store. The gift card cannot be exchanged for cash