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  • coffee time min

    The delicacy basket “Coffee moment” contains the following products:
    4457 - 78 g tube of chestnut spreads
    1599 - BASKET cardboard tray nature leaf pattern round (dia 24.x3 / 6cm)
    9217 - Lime flower honey 100 g
    1049 - Mint chocolate confectionery, organic, Fair Trade 145 g FI-EKO-201
    9865 - Organic Peppermint Tea 15 pss FI-EKO-201
    4999 - Orange amère (Pomeranian) jam 210g
    7031 - Palet biscuit package 200g
    1209 - Traditional meringues 140g
    5010 - Pure Origine Bolivia organic coffee ground 250g FI-EKO-201
    1213 - Chocolate drops (Chocorette) 150g
    * If a product is out of stock we can replace it with another.

  • delicacy basket selection min

    The delicacy basket “Selection” contains the following products:
    1144 - Alziari Extra virgin olive oil 500ml cuvée PAULINE
    7032 - Galette biscuit package 300g
    161 - BASKET black braided, handle places rectangular 28x18x11cm
    1313 - Olive Flush 90g
    284 - Olives - Provencal Herbs Green 250g
    2210 - Piedmont roasted hazelnut IGP 200g
    4103 - Sardines in boneless olive oil flavored with lemon 115g
    8034 - Toffee caramels 200g
    1145 - Raspberry wine vinegar -Alziari 200 ml
    4892 - Fig & walnut jam 125g
    * If a product is out of stock we can replace it with another.

  • gift card department

    If you still have time to give the gift, you can order a stylish gift card to be mailed to us for the amount you want. If, on the other hand, it is not very long before the party starts, you can obtain our electronic gift card with a few clicks and print it for the recipient of the gift or give it directly in electronic form. Our electronic gift card will arrive in your email at its best in less than half an hour and in 24 hours at the latest.

  • gift card department

    We will send this gift card via Post. The gift card can be found in DeliDeli's stores or online store. The gift card cannot be exchanged for cash