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  • Truffle Brossees Extra whole 1

    Even outside the truffle season, you can enjoy whole black truffles on La Maison Godard’s preserved black truffle. Serve it as it is thinly sliced or use to season different dishes. When preserved, the luxurious taste of black truffle only intensifies, which is why it is considered and valued as an ingredient in French cuisine.

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  • enchaud min

    La Maison Godard’s Enchaud pork is a long-stewed pork fillet made according to a traditional recipe. The meat is also seasoned with garlic, salt and pepper. This piggy bank is cold at best and easiest to cut straight from the fridge.

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  • Ham rolls stuffed with duck liver and Sauternes jelly 200g min

    This delicacy is one of its manufacturer's best-selling products. Inside the French-flavored sliced ham, authentic Southwestern French duck liver is hidden. The crown of the treat is a jelly made with sweet Sauternes white wine, which creates a perfect combination of salty and sweet. Serve sliced.

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