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  • olive oil litaliano 250ml min

    As its name suggests, L'Italiano olive oil is 100% Italian. It combines carefully selected Italian olives of different varieties to produce fruity and slightly spicy extra virgin olive oil by cold pressing. The versatile L'Italiano is the perfect pair of flavors, especially for red salad, steamed white fish and vegetables.

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  • dop Umbria extra virgin olive oil 250ml

    According to an ancient inscription found on a stone in the old olive mill in the Umbrian town of Campello sul Clitunno, the Gradassi family’s legacy of olive farming and coaxing the bright green colored liquid from the fruit to produce extraordinary olive oil, has been handed down since 1639 from father to father, grandfather to grandfather up to this very day.

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  • alziari extra virgin olive oil Prestige 500ml min

    La Maison Alziar's high-quality Cuvée Prestige extra virgin olive oil is a “cold cru” olive oil cold-pressed from olives harvested in the best regions of Europe. Olives of different varieties are certainly harvested when ripe, which gives the oil its unique fruity taste. The fine and soft aromas of the oil are suitable for seasoning both salads and cooked dishes.

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  • alziari extra virgin olive oil Pauline 500ml min

    Cuvée Pauline extra virgin olive oil is a top quality “grand cru” organic olive oil. This cold-pressed olive oil uses olives of carefully selected varieties from the best regions of Europe, which are still harvested at a very young age. Early collection gives the oil its straightforward taste and vibrant aromas. Try it especially on salads, tomatoes and other fresh vegetables!

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  • duck legs 4 5pcs whole ltk 8pcs delivered home


    DeliDel's preserved duck legs are a piece of luxury on the dining table for both everyday and festive occasions. Here you are guaranteed to get a delicious Dining Table crown for even a larger party delivered straight home. DeliDel's perir french preserved duck legs are a piece of luxury for the dining table, both for everyday life and for parties. Ducks are allowed to live outdoors and are only fed GMO-free corn kernels without antibiotics. This type of cultivation is used in less than 5 % of French production.

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  • organic olive oil bio 250ml min

    Terre Francescane's organic olive oil BIO is 100% Italian and 100% organic. The oil is a blend of different varieties, with the best organic olives in Italy selected. The olive oil has a strong fruity aroma, complemented by a herbaceous and artichoke-like aroma. Try carpaccio, tomato-mozzarella salad or vegetable soup, for example!

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