BBQ sauce 250ml

BBQ in 250ml


The classic taste of America in a bottle! When you want a barbeque sauce full of authentic flavors, you’re on the right side. The ingredients in DeliDel's BBQ sauce are short and concise, and contain only natural ingredients with no artificial flavors or additives and preservatives. Try everything for grilling and especially for burgers!

Contents: Crushed peeled tomatoes (EU origin), fructose, onion, honey, balsamic vinegar, garlic, mustard, virgin olive oil, coloring: caramel, salt, spices, smoked aroma, aromatic plant
Innehåll: Krossade skalade tomater (EU-ursprung), fructose, punch, honung, balsamic vodka, vitlök, senap, jungfruolja, färg: caramel, salt, kryddor, rökt doft, aromatic
Allergies: mustard seeds

Energy: 735kJ / 174kca
Fat: 4.6g
of which saturated: 0.5g
Carbohydrates: 30g
jbuy sugar: 28g
Protein: 2.6g
Salt: 2.6g

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Made in France, DeliDel's BBQ sauce is a real premium barbecue sauce for all grills and grilled foods. Brush it with pork ribs, burgers as well as steaks or seasoning by marinating them in the sauce.


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