Salonenque olive oil, Chateau Virant, 500 ml


Do not have any more, complex and high quality!
The olive oils of Chateau Virant, a French wine and olive producer, are the most award-winning olive oils in the country. This extra virgin olive oil made from Salonenque olives alone is mild and light yet balanced in aroma. The olives are collected from the producer's own orchards and cold-pressed immediately after collection, which preserves the aromas and antioxidants of the oil and ensures a low acid content. Aromas of artichoke, walnut and green apple can be found in the oil. Due to its light weight, the oil is also particularly suitable for light foods, such as various risottos, pastas, gratins, fish, cooked vegetables and salads.

Additional information

Weight 500 g
EAN CODE: 3760081693511

Contents: extra virgin olive oil
Innehål: extra virgin olivolja

Energy: 3588.09kJ / 857kcal
Fat: 100g
of which saturated: 14.27g
Carbohydrates: 0g
of which sugar: 0g
Protein: 0g
Salt: 0g



Chateau Virant’s Salonenque olive oil is a high-quality, extra virgin olive oil made from just one variety. Of all the oils, Salonenque is the lightest end. Its main aromas are artichokes, nuts and green apples. The whole is light, multidimensional and balanced and fruity. Chateau Virant is a local, non-industrial producer whose every crop is always a little different. Because of this, the taste of the oil may vary slightly from year to year. The olives are harvested from the farm’s own olive grove in Provence and cold-pressed immediately, ensuring that the aromas and antioxidants in the oil are preserved. Rapid compression also keeps oil acids as low as possible.
This light oil is also great for light foods. Try it especially on risottos, pastas, gratin, boiled vegetables, nice salad and grated carrots. The aromas and antioxidants of the oil are best preserved when the oil is not heated.