Géléfine wine jelly, Chateau Virant, 320 g


The wine jelly of Chateau Virant, a French wine and olive producer, is made from a traditional Provencal vin cuit dessert wine. Try this very French jelly with goose liver, light meat, game or cheese, for example. Or in a variety of desserts and pastries!

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The French equivalent of blackcurrant jelly is definitely the wine jelly, or gelée de vin cuit. The jelly is made from “boiled wine”, vin cuit, a typical Provencal dessert-type wine made from red grapes. The jelly can be used in many ways as a partner of savory dishes, with cheeses and in desserts. The French jelly is especially suitable for foie gras, light meats, game, cheeses, sandwiches, cakes and apple desserts.

wine, sugar, gelling agent: pectin
vin, socker, gelningsmedel: pectin

Additional information

Weight 320 g (gramma)
Ean code: 3760081696710
Full box: 6

Energy: 1081 Kj / 254 Kcal Fat: 0.1g of which saturated: 0g Carbohydrates: 67.8g jbuy sugar: 63.3g Protein: 0.5g Salt: 0.01 g Fiber: 0.7g


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