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Chestnut spread, or chestnut paste, is a popular side dish for breakfast as well as an afternoon snack in France. Clément Faugier's recipe for chestnut spread has not changed over the centuries and uses only natural ingredients. Try this delicious sweet spread directly as it is on bread, fruit or curd or baking. A kilo pack is enough for a longer time or for a bigger group!

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Confectioner Clément Faugier originally created a popular recipe for this chestnut spread in 1885, commonly known in France as 'Crème de marrons de l'ardèche'. This chestnut spread became an enduring favorite both at breakfast and at the afternoon goûter snack.
The chestnut spread combines crushed sugar chestnuts (marrons glacés), steamed chestnuts, syrup, sugar and vanilla in an optimal way to create a delicious and unparalleled chestnut spread. Try it mixed with yoghurt or curd, for example, or as such on bread, sugar cake or chocolate cake. The chestnut spread is also great with a variety of fruits. If you want to experience a truly authentic French taste experience, glaze your crepes, waffles or baguettes with a chestnut spread! It is also great for baking to season things like souffles, puddings, fondants, ice creams and even pies.

chestnut, sugar, candied chestnuts, water, glucose syrup, organic flavor
chestnut, socker, candied chestnut, cotton wool, glucose

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Energy: Fat: of which saturated: Carbohydrates: jbuy sugar: Protein: Salt: Fiber: 1.9g


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