Chocolate hazelnut spread, no palm oil 280 g


When you want a truly high-quality and delicious chocolate hazelnut spread for a treat or a snack, try Lucien Georgelin's chocolate hazelnut spread! No palm oil, artificial flavors, dyes or additives or preservatives have been used in the application. The aromatic hazelnuts used in the application are collected no more than 30 km from the manufacturer's plant in the south-west of France and have been used more extensively in the application than similar applications from other manufacturers. Try it and be charmed!

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Chocolate hazelnut from France’s Lucien Georgelin raises the tongue of water for everyone from baby to granddaughter. Its velvety and easy-to-spread texture is sure to stand out with its delicacy! It is also a very high-quality spread that contains, on average, more hazelnuts than similar spreads.
The hazelnuts in the spread come from Lot-et-Garonne, France, which is famous for its aromatic nuts. Hazelnuts are harvested up to 30 km from the manufacturer's factory, and only the best ingredients are used in the spread itself. Therefore, you will not find any palm oil or hydrogenated oils, artificial dyes, additives or preservatives in the application.
If a little grease appears on the surface of the opened jar, it is only due to a lack of additives, and the situation is remedied by mixing the spread with a spoon a few spins. Enjoy it with bread, crepe, waffles, ice cream or even straight from a jar with spoons!

sugar, HAZELNUT 16 %, MILK POWDER, coconut oil 7 %, cocoa powder, rapeseed oil, sunflower lecithin.
socker, HASSELNÖTTER 16 %, SKUMMJÖLKSPULVER, kokosolja, magert kakaopulver 7 %, rapsolja, emulgeringsmedel: lecitin från solrosor
hazelnut, milk powder, May contain sesame and other nuts

Energy: Fat: of which saturated: Carbohydrates: jbuy sugar: Protein: Salt: Fiber:


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