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Kex Cigarettes 150g

Cigarette biscuits get their name from their cigar-like shape. The thin and crunchy delicacy is especially good to enjoy with a glass of champagne, in a serving of ice cream or even with a steaming cup of coffee or cocoa. The recipe for these biscuits, traditionally baked from pure ingredients, has been passed down from one generation to the next.

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Cigarette biscuits were originally created by accident when baker Lucian Petit had an error in one of her recipes. So that he would not have to throw the dough away, he decided to roll the biscuit into a roll and thus cigarette biscuits were born. The biscuits became a hit product at a local small bakery and have maintained their popularity over the years. The recipe hasn’t seen much change from the original, and this delicacy is still one of La Trinitainen’s specialties.

wheat flour, vegetable oil, vegetable fat, egg white, aromas
watermelon, vegetabilisk oil, vegetabilisket fett, äggvita, aromer

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Weight 300 g
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Full box: 10

Energy: 2140kJ / 511kcal Fat: 24g of which saturated: 11g Carbohydrates: 68g jbuy sugar: 44g Protein: 5.5g Salt: 0.19 g Fiber:


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wheat flour, egg may contain nuts