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Maison Espig’s organically grown cinnamon stick in Indonesia is the perfect seasoning for drinks. With cinnamon stick you bring warm spiciness to Chai-latte, mulled wine and even rhubarb juice. Cinnamon sticks are also great for seasoning a variety of jams and preserves.

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Cinnamon is the inner bark of the cinnamon tree and grows in tropical or subtropical regions. Cinnamon is used as whole cinnamon sticks or powder. Cinnamon is also widely used in salty dishes and spice mixes in the world, but the most popular use in Finland is probably in pastries, jams and with porridge, for example.
Cinnamon is also very suitable as a seasoning for hot drinks and as a substitute for sugar in smoothies. In particular, cinnamon sticks are easy to soak to give flavor to a variety of beverages. However, cinnamon should be used with caution due to its strong taste.

Cinnamon stick

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Energy: Fat: of which saturated: Carbohydrates: jbuy sugar: Protein: Salt: Fiber:


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