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Everyone has their own favorite way to use cinnamon, and it’s one of the basic spices in every home. Maison Espig's Malagasy ground organic cinnamon spices porridge, buns, casseroles and even coffee drinks. Madagascar cinnamon is known for its similar properties to ceylon cinnamon. It tastes softer and more aromatic and does not contain as much coumarin as cinnamon from cinnamon.

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In addition to Sri Lanka, Ceylon cinnamon, which is valued for its delicacies, is also growing in Madagascar and the Seychelles. It is made from the bark of the Cinnamomum verum tree. Ceylon cinnamon is sometimes called real cinnamon.
Maison Espig's Malagasy ground cinnamon has a milder and more aromatic Ceylon cinnamon in taste and properties. In France, cinnamon is nicknamed “Cannelle gourmand”.
Madagascar cinnamon is inherently almost coumarin-free, so it can be enjoyed safely even on a daily basis.

Organic ground cinnamon
Organic Male Cinnamon

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