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Curry is a gift of Indian cuisine to the rest of the world. Curry seasones both light and red meats, fish dishes and the most delicious vegetarian dishes. Maison Espig's organic curry is a high-quality spice blend made exclusively from organic spices. Try it for yourself and fall in love!

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Curry is an Indian spice blend that is now known around the world. Its beautiful and distinctive yellow color comes from turmeric. In addition, the yellow curry mixture most often contains at least coriander, black pepper and cumin.
There are also a variety of curries, such as madrascurry, which is used especially in the Antilles in the Caribbean. In addition, there is a stronger and softer curry type, among other things.
Maison Espig's organic curry seasones both meat and vegetarian dishes, coconut milk and crème fraîchen. Curry is made entirely from organic ingredients that have not been used with any pesticides. The curry mixture is best kept protected from light, in a dry and cool place.

coriander *, turmeric *, ginger *, clove *, onion * cumin *, garlic *, salt (<5%).
Organic curry. Innehåller: coriander *, gurkmeja *, ingefära *, avenbok *, shock *, gum *, vitlök *, salt (<5%).

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Energy: Fat: of which saturated: Carbohydrates: jbuy sugar: Protein: Salt: Fiber:


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