Dillpesto 90g


DeliDel's own dill pesto is a delicious ready-made sauce suitable for the Nordic taste world. Dill pesto made on olive oil base is suitable as such for pasta sauce, fish and new potatoes, for example.

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Made in Italy, DeliDel dill pesto contains only pure ingredients without artificial flavors, additives and preservatives or flavor enhancers. Almond and cashew nuts ensure the fullness of the pesto. In addition to the sauce, pesto can be used as a spread on various breads or even as part of a salty pie filling!

dill 48%, olive oil 29%, almond 6,5%, cashew nut 6,5%, whey, salt, vinegar, garlic, fruit sugar, natural almond flavor, citric acid
Innehåll: dill 48%, olivolja 29%, mandel6,5%, cashewnöt 6,5%, vassle, salt, vinegar, vitlök, fruktsocker, naturlig mandelarom, citron
dill 48%, olivolja 29%, almond6,5%, cashewnöt 6,5%, vassle, salt, vinätika, vitlök, fruktsocker, naturlig mandelarom, lemonyra

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Energy: Fat: of which saturated: Carbohydrates: jbuy sugar: Protein: Salt: Fiber:


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