Confit de Canard -Traditional French duck confit 4-5 pcs



DeliDel's perir french preserved duck legs are a piece of luxury for the dining table, both for everyday and festive occasions. The ducks in the product have been reared responsibly and without forced feeding slowly at their own pace. Ducks are allowed to live outdoors and are only fed GMO-free corn kernels without antibiotics. This type of cultivation is used in less than 5 % of French production.

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Weight 1750
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 10.5 cm
EAN CODE: 6430035192564

Contents: Duck legs (France), duck fat, salt
Innehåll: Anklår (Frankrike), ankfett, salt

Energy: 360kcal, kj = 1493kj
Fat: 30%
of which saturated: 9.9g
Carbohydrates: <0,1%
jbuy sugar: <0,1%
Protein: 22%
Salt: 1,7%
Fiber: <0,4%

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DeliDel's duck legs are derived from the traditional French country duck breed, which is characterized by a slow growth rate. It is also well recognizable for its black and white colors.
Duck breeding has been awarded a very carefully regulated and supervised Label Rouge certificate. According to it, ducks must be of the traditional rural breed, they must not be fed genetically modified feed and they must not be fed antibiotics. Ducks may be fattened only by traditional outdoor rearing and feeding with south-western French maize. The certificate therefore guarantees very high quality and ethical meat production.


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