Fig & walnut jam 125g


A classic and charming pair of flavors is fig and goat cheese. As a low-sugar jam, fig fits perfectly with cheese plates. This DeliDel fig jam is further flavored with walnuts, which adds a perfect addition and flavor to the jam. Try fig & walnut jam with different blue cheeses too!

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Fig & walnut jam is a particularly perfect partner for goat cheese. It is made by hand from natural ingredients without unnecessary additives or preservatives. Once you’ve tried this pair of figs and walnuts, you no longer want to enjoy your jam without the other one. Try the jam as is with chèvre or add it to a piece of roasted goat cheese in a salad or even with a goat cheese dish. Also try it with Maroilles cheese or various blue cheeses!

Viikunat 51%, hedelmäsokeri, ruokosokeri, valkoviini, SANSAKAPÄHKINÄT 1,7%, hyytelöimisaine: hedelmäpektiini, tiivistetty sitruunamehu.
Fikon 51%, fruktsocker, rörsocker, vitt vin, VALNÖT 1,7%, gelningsmedel: fruktpektin, koncentrerad citronsaft.gelé: pektin

Additional information

Weight 125 g
Ean code: 3441260075112
Full box: 12

Energy: 930kJ / 219kcal Fat: 1.4g of which saturated: 0.1g Carbohydrates: 50g jbuy sugar: 50g Protein: 1g Salt: 0.02g Fiber:


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