Le Berrichon chocolate, camembert cheese chocolate bar 200 g



Daniel Mercier’s Le Berrichon chocolate is inspired by the traditional Camembert cheese disc, and the name of the chocolate is “Camembert chocolate”. It is a mouth-watering soft praline chocolate with crunchy hazelnut praline from hazelnut and almond. The chocolate is made entirely by hand, right up to packing the wafer. Only authentic cocoa butter has been used in the chocolate and no vegetable oils at all.

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Daniel Mercier's chocolate-making skills have been passed down from father to son in the family for three generations. The chocolate maker is known for innovative and high quality chocolates that are made by hand.
The cocoa and cocoa butter used in the chocolate come from the manufacturer’s own cocoa plantations in Mexico and Vanuatu to ensure the best possible quality and ethical production.
Camembert chocolate combines delicious hazelnut chocolate with dark chocolate containing at least 65 % cocoa.

Sugar, ALMOND, HAZELNUTS, COCOA BUTTER, CRUSHED POT (sugar, wheat flour (GLUTENE), DRIED MILK FAT, MILK SUGAR, MILK PROTEIN, SALT, BARLEY MALTA (GLUTENE), BREAST POWDER, Frosting: at least 65% cocoa (non-EU). May contain other nuts and sesame.
Socker, MANDEL, HASSELNÖT, cocoa butter, krispig crepes (socker, vetemjöl (GLUTEN), throat MJÖLKfett, MJÖLKsocker, MJÖLKprotein, salt: % cocoa (EU)

Energy: Fat: of which saturated: Carbohydrates: jbuy sugar: Protein: Salt: Fiber:


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