Mackerel fillets like damn 112.5g

Mackerel fillet


Mnee de puissance et d'équilibre!

Mackerel fillets, like damn, combine the harmony of tastes with a little diabolical back kick. Mustard, red chili peppers and garlic blend naturally together as the lemon brings light freshness. Try it even with bruscheta, lasagna or pizza!

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For lovers of fiery flavors, “damn-flavored” mackerel fillets, “les filets de maquereaux façon diablesse” are perfect. The red chili pepper brings a gentle heat to the mackerel. The whole is complemented by mustard and garlic, the lemon bringing the appropriate acidity and freshness. All the unnecessary fish products of La Belle have been pruned away, leaving only the pure flavors of high-quality ingredients.

Mackerel fillet 56,5%, water, mustard 5,6%, olive oil, lemon, vinegar, potato starch, garlic, salt, herbs, chili 0,2%, spices, yeast extract, xanthan gum
Mackerel fillet 56,5%, watermelon, senap 5,6%, olivolea, lemon, vinaigrette, potash, starch, salt, yarrow, chili 0,2%, kryddor, ice extract

Additional information

Weight 112,5 g
Ean code: 3660088137318
Full box: 20

Energy: 797 kJ / 192 kcal Fat: 15.1g of which saturated: 3.46g Carbohydrates: 0.5g jbuy sugar: 0.5g Protein: 12.9g Salt: 1.1g Fiber:


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