Extra Virgin olive oil, Marques de Valdueza 250 ml


Marques de Valdueza Extra Virgin olive oil from Spain is an extra virgin olive oil with a lush aroma of spring, with a clear herbiness and fruitiness of young olives. A mixture of the four varieties is prepared by cold pressing. Its taste is medium, which makes it the perfect companion for cooking and seasoning.

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The aroma of olive oil is clearly distinguished by fresh almonds, light aromas of green tomatoes and a deep aroma of wild plants, culminating in a delicate fruity hint.
The first mouthfeel of the oil is very personal and soft. However, it surprises with a slight bitterness that turns even into a slight pepperiness, creating a wonderful balance of aromas. The predominant taste in the oil is its grassiness, which mixes with woody shades, eventually leading to almond and green banana.
Marques de Valdueza’s olive oil combines four brilliant olive varieties grown on the farm, which together create this magnificent olive oil. It is a quality product of a small family-owned farm whose olives are pressed only within hours of being picked. In this way, the product retains all its fine aromas and good antioxidants.

extra virgin olive oil
extra virgin olivolya

Energy: 3350kJ / 800kcal Fat: 93.33 of which saturated: 13.3g Carbohydrates: 0g jbuy sugar: 0g Protein: 0g Salt: 0g Fiber:


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