Marques de Valdueza iron oak honey 265g


The color of Marques de Valdueza's iron oak honey varies from bright yellow to a dark orange-yellow, even brownish hue. Its intense and lingering sweet taste is accompanied by floral, malty and toasty hues combined with salty nuances. Its composition is very tenacious flowing, and the honey crystallizes very slowly, if at all. Iron oak honey is a perfect pair for meats, dried nuts, long-ripened cheeses, spicy roasts and toasted bread with extra virgin olive oil.

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The Spanish Marquez de Valdueza is known for its artisan products, which also include premium honey produced in Extremadura and Avila. In addition to the high quality of the products, the aim is always to produce them in an environmentally friendly way. The important role of bees in the natural ecosystem has been recognized in Marquez de Valdueza for generations, and bees are held in high esteem in the house.
Prior to canning, the honey is heated to less than 40 degrees to facilitate handling, decanting and canning. Because honey is not otherwise physically or chemically treated, over time, it usually solidifies back to its original composition. If you want the solidified honey to run again, you can place the jar in a warm water bath for a while.

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