Merula extra virgin olive oil, Marques de Valdueza, bag in a box 5 l


Merula extra virgin olive oil from Marques de Valdueza, Spain, is a medium-strong olive oil dominated by fruity aromas. The perfect harmony of the flavors of the oil is obtained from olives harvested at just the right time and transported immediately for cold pressing. A neatly used faucet pack is enough for even longer.

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The aroma of Merula olive oil combines light grassy aromas with hints of sweet apple, ripe banana and red berries.
The same nuances can be felt on the tongue. The melting softness of the beginning changes to the memorable taste of almond milk, which lingers in the mouth for a long time.
Merula olive oil combines four aromatic olive varieties grown on the farm, which together create the bouquet of this harmonious olive oil. It is a quality product of a small family-owned farm whose olives are pressed only within hours of being picked. In this way, the product retains all its great aromas and good antioxidants.

extra virgin olive oil
extra virgin olivolya

Energy: 3350kJ / 800kcal Fat: 93.33 of which saturated: 13.3g Carbohydrates: 0g jbuy sugar: 0g Protein: 0g Salt: 0g Fiber:


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