Nutmeg, whole, organic, India, incl. Grater 26 g


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Nutmeg has a very recognizable taste and aroma. It seasones many classics such as béchamel sauce, mashed potatoes and crumbs. Nutmeg is also great for seasoning desserts like apple pie and drinks like mulled wine.

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Whole organic hazelnuts from La Maison Espig, France, are easy to use with the grater included in the package. Whole nutmeg retains its aroma longer and better, so it’s easy to keep warm spicy nutmeg at your fingertips in your kitchen.
Nutmeg is harvested from the nutmeg tree that originates in New Guinea and the Moluccas, or Spice Islands, Indonesia. Today, nutmeg is grown all over the world in tropical regions. La Maison Espig’s organic hazelnut is grown in India. The nutmeg tree grows for 15 to 20 years before it begins to bear fruit.
Its fruit resembles an apricot in both shape and color, and the fruit is dried before its stone, or nutmeg, is removed.

Organic nutmeg
Organic nutmeg

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