Organic almond application 212g NO PALM OIL FI-EKO-201

Ekologisk mandelspridning


The Italian organic almond spread is a deliciously nutty spread made from just two ingredients: organic almonds and cane sugar. No milk, soy lecithin or palm oil has been used in the product. It is also inherently completely gluten-free. The spread contains up to 63 % almonds, which is known to be a healthy part of the daily diet. The spread is also well suited for a vegan diet.

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The Italian organic almond spread is made from Sicilian organic almonds and organic cane sugar. It has a wonderfully velvety and full-bodied texture that melts into your mouth.
If there is a slight grease on the surface of the spread, it is advisable to mix the spread a few turns to the bottom before use.
Use as such, such as peanut butter or chocolate-hazelnut spread, or spoon directly from the jar when slicing!

almond 60%, cane sugar
almond 60%, socker

Energy: 2382KJ / 547kcal Fat: 33g of which saturated: 2.8g Carbohydrates: 48g jbuy sugar: 48g Protein: 12g Salt: 0,2% Fiber:


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