Provencal oregano, organic, France 17 g


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Maison Espig’s Organic Organic Regano is an authentic Provencal favorite organic aromatic herb. It spices pizzas as well as various tomato dishes to new dimensions. Here is one of the basic spices in every kitchen that you should always keep in the spice cabinet just in case!

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Oregano is an aromatic herb from the Mediterranean region. In France, oregano also grows wild in the mountains and usually thrives in very harsh conditions.
Oregano is a must for pizza nights - a touch of oregano over oven-heated pizza and your pizza takes on new dimensions! Oregano is also particularly well-suited for tomato dishes and sauces.
The authenticity of Maison Espig's organic Provencal organic guarantee is guaranteed by the “Authentic Provence” certificate.

Organic oregano
Organic oregano

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Weight 17 g
Ean code: 3102870066609
Full box: 6

Energy: Fat: of which saturated: Carbohydrates: jbuy sugar: Protein: Salt: Fiber:


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