Sardine creme with whiskey 63g

Sardine cream with whiskey


And the Grands classiques de la Conserverie la Belle-iloise!

The sardine paste flavored with whiskey, “Crème de Sardine au Whiskey”, is one of its biggest classics and the first fish spreads since 1968. A hint of whiskey brings out the fish’s own aromas nicely and brings character to the paste. Try it with bread, sandwich biscuits or even a Patong filling!

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The production of whiskey-flavored sardine paste begins with the deep frying of the sardines. After immersion, the bones and skin are removed from the fish and only the meaty portion is used. In this way, the composition of the paste is smooth and the taste is accentuated by authentic whiskey. Sardine paste flavored with La Belle-happy whiskey contains only high-quality and pure ingredients without unnecessary additives or preservatives.

Sardine (54%), butter, egg, extra virgin olive oil, whiskey (2.4%), spices, tomato puree, lemon juice, salt
Sardine (53%), jungfruolja, smör (mjölk), tomato paste, cotton wool, whiskey (2,3%), kryddor, lemon juice

Additional information

Weight 63g
Ean code: 3660088100251
Full box: 20

Energy: 1642kJ / 398kcal Fat: 37.9g of which saturated: 12.09g Carbohydrates: 2.9g jbuy sugar: 0.6g Protein: 10.9g Salt: 0.6g Fiber:


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