Strawberry & Champagne jam 125g


Une association de saveurs Divine!
If you want to get close to the seventh heaven of flavors, you should try DeliDel Strawberry Champagne Jam. Only the purest and highest quality ingredients have been used in this luxurious jam, without any extra. The strawberry variety used in the jam, Mara De Bois, is one of the most prestigious in France because of its sweet and wild strawberry aroma. Try the jam in pastries, with ice cream or as a croissant or topping!

Jordgubbs-och champagnesylt

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Handmade strawberry-champagne jam in the south of France is one symphony of flavors. Even the name that mentions champagne promises the luxurious taste pleasure that jam does indeed offer. The strawberry variety used in the jam goes perfectly with champagne, creating a sweet and aromatic flavor pair. No additives or preservatives have been used in the jam. The product contains up to 68 % strawberries. Strawberry-champagne jam takes both pastries and crêpet to a new level. And who says that an ordinary everyday morning porridge couldn’t be made luxuriously delicious with a small bunch of strawberries and champagne!

"La Mara des bois" strawberries 68% (EU origin), cane sugar, champagne 3%, gelling agent: fruit pectin, lemon juice concentrate.
"La Mara des bois" strawberries 68% (EU-origin), rörsocker, Champagne 3%, gelling medel: fruktpektin, concentrated citronsaft.

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Weight 125 g
Ean code: 3441260030210
Full box: 12

Energy: 911 kJ / 215 kca Fat: <0.5g of which saturated: <0.1g Carbohydrates: 52g etcbuy sugar: 52g Protein: 0.5g Salt: 0.03g Fiber:


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