Truffle Brossees Extra winter truffle 12.5g


Even outside the truffle season, you can enjoy whole black truffles on La Maison Godard’s preserved black truffle. Serve it as it is thinly sliced or use to season different dishes. When preserved, the luxurious taste of black truffle only intensifies, which is why it is considered and valued as an ingredient in French cuisine.



La Maison Godard's whole black truffle, 'Truffes Noires Brossées', is a high-quality, whole preserved black truffle (Tuber Melanosporum) with a slightly uneven shape. This black diamond goes for any kind of cooking where you want to spice up your food with a delicious and luxurious truffle. The recommended serving method is to slice it into thin slices just before serving.
Truffles have been preserved since the 19th century due to their limited harvest season and long transport times. However, the aromas of preserved truffles are even more complex than those of fresh truffles, which is why even top chefs have qualified the use of preserved truffles in their own kitchens.

truffle mushroom, truffle juice, salt
tryffel svamp, tryffeljuice, salt

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Weight 12g
Ean code: 3461953015751
Full box: 6

Energy: Fat: of which saturated: Carbohydrates: jbuy sugar: Protein: Salt: Fiber:


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